These Puffer Jacket Dresses Will Keep You Warm AND Stylish All Winter Long

Fashion has always been a little zany, and while some looks are clearly more haute couture and meant to be appreciated rather than worn, I’m not sure what the new Moncler puffer jacket dresses for sale at Barneys are supposed to be for, and frankly, I don’t think I’m alone in that.

  1. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Yes, it’s a puffer jacket… but in dress form. Who the ideal clientele is for this dress or what occasion it’s meant to be worn in is beyond me, but it’s a thing that exists in two colors, pink and blue.
  2. I almost thought these were a joke at first. Because I mean, who would seriously wear a puffer jacket dress? I suppose I’ve seen more ridiculous things at London/New York/Paris fashion week, but that’s almost strictly editorial rather that ready-to-wear. Seeing one of these for sale in the wild is kind of blowing my mind.
  3. There are even matching gloves. The gloves are green, which means you’re really getting wild on your color combos here. Somehow, it manages to take this whole ensemble even more over the top than the dress itself already is.
  4. This is fashion, baby. The dresses come with a high neckline, a hidden zipper in the back, and are full of down, so they really are made for winter wearing. Imagine walking into a work Christmas party with this get-up! You’d certainly be the talk of the event!
  5. They’re not cheap. Because they’re by Moncler, which is a luxury Italian brand, the dresses come in at a whopping $2,710 each. The gloves are $1,500 alone and they’re so popular, they’re out of stock. What is going on here?!
  6. Would you wear one of these? Say they didn’t cost nearly $3,000 and someone just gave you one of these for free. Would you wear a puffer jacket dress to your next holiday event? I’m torn. It’s almost so ridiculous that I can’t resist! However, I also have personal dignity, so I’m not quite sure…
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