Pumpkin Snack Boards Are The Perfectly Spooky Way To Celebrate Autumn

Now that summer is officially over and we’re actually into fall, it’s time to start thinking about the most wonderful time of year. The temperatures are finally cooling down (give me hoodie weather immediately!), there’s no shame in not shaving your legs for the winter, and comfort foods are all the rage. To help you celebrate, might I suggest making a pumpkin snack board?

They’re basically like charcuterie boards, just without the meat. While charcuterie boards tend to focus on savory meats and cheeses with their accoutrements, pumpkin snack boards open things up a bit wider to all the other yummy bite-sized morsels you might enjoy.

It’s a great way to get in the seasonal spirit. Because you’re making a pumpkin here, your snack board should include lots of orange foods, like cheese cubes, orange slices, carrots, dried apricots, Cheez-Its, and more. Then, for your darker jack o’lantern features, you’ll need foods that are blue or black like berries and grapes, raisins, or even chocolate nibs. Your choice! The options really are endless.

Pumpkin snack boards are the perfect way to celebrate with loved ones or alone. Maybe you’re having a little get-together at your place and want a fun way to lay out snacks for everyone to enjoy. Make one of these! Or, maybe you’re just hanging out with your partner or BFF or even solo on a weekend and want to try something a little different. Hello, delicious snacks AND a fun craft.

Go forth and create! You have plenty of time before Halloween to perfect your pumpkin snack board stylings, so what are you waiting for? Any excuse to snack is a good one for me.

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