These ‘Quarantinis’ Are Hilariously Delicious Cocktails For The Self-Isolation Era

You’re stuck at home in self-isolation so what else is there to do but drink? If you stocked up on cocktail ingredients before you got stuck indoors, you might want to try out some of Instagrammer @rosiemaxhimer‘s “Quarantini” recipes to spice up your stay-at-home life. The only trouble is figuring out which to make first.

Himer is a successful mom of two. She’s been at home with her two daughters during the current crisis and was inspired to get a bit creative with her cocktail ideas. Thus, the Quarantini was born. Himer created a lineup of four different drinks with the most hilarious names.

First, there’s “The Blue Mask.” A “crazy martini” made from party supplies Himer had around the house, “The Blue Mask” is made with 1 oz. vodka⁣⁣⁣, 1 oz. Blue Curacao, 0.5oz lime juice⁣⁣⁣, and 2 oz. club Then you should rim your glass with Frosting and Pop Rocks for the ultimate delicious experience.

“The Social Distancer” also sounds amazing. That one is “so good you won’t mind drinking alone: and is described as being “like a lemon drop but when you top it with Prosecco it brings the bubble party to you, no guests needed.” You can make it with 2 oz. vodka, ⁣⁣⁣1.5 oz lemon juice⁣⁣⁣, 1 oz. simple syrup, a splash of Prosecco, and some sugar for the rim. Yum!

How about “The Baby Boom Maker”? As Himer mentions, “Proceed with caution because this is one attractive drink!” Something tells me she’s right about a baby boom being forthcoming. In the meantime, make this cocktail with 2 oz. vodka⁣⁣⁣, 1 oz. lime juice, 2 oz. pink grapefruit juice (or pink lemonade)⁣⁣⁣, and an optional 0.5 oz simple syrup.

Don’t forget the “S.O.S. … I’m Stuck In The House With Kids.” Any parent will be able to relate to this one! Mix it up with “just straight vodka… maybe add a little LaCroix if you have the energy.” Ha! This might be my favorite one of all!

Times are tough and we can all use a laugh. Himer has the right idea here. While the world seems like it’s going crazy right now, sometimes you just need a laugh (and a drink). Check her out on Instagram HERE.

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