Why Quitting Drinking Is The Best Decision I Ever Made

Drinking tends to be the focus of a night out with friends, a wedding celebration, or a first date with a lucky guy. It’s also the cause of a nasty hangover, a DUI, or a wicked addiction. I’ve had my fair share of mornings where I’m not quite sure what happened the night before and I’ve had to spend the entire day in bed. I’ve also seen the dark side of addiction to alcohol. I decided to stop drinking three years ago and it proved to be the best decision I’ve ever made.

  1. I Felt So Unattractive When Drinking. I get hot and sweaty, and I smell like straight-up booze. My hair is a mess, my makeup is all over my face, and the only thing I’m taking home is a hangover. I’ve never once picked up a guy in a bar while I was drunk. I do recall making a fool of myself in front of a few, but never successfully taking one home.
  2. The Hangovers Were A Bitch. Waking up aching for water or to throw up is the absolute worst. I vividly remember not being able to function for three days after drinking way too much on one occasion. I couldn’t work out, I was exhausted, and I only wanted a Big Mac and fries from McDonald’s. Needless to say, it was NOT a good look.
  3. Alcohol Is Extremely Expensive. Being a veteran bartender, I’ve seen hundreds of dollars spent on bottles of wine, shots of Johnny Walker Blue, and endless martinis. Paying for top notch alcohol isn’t always a must, but getting bottom shelf alcohol can bring on a terrible hangover the next day. I’ve saved SO much money since I quit drinking — money better spent on other, more lasting things than a night getting hammered.
  4. I’m A Ridiculous Lightweight. Taking a shot of tequila is my ticket to rosy cheeks and lowered inhibitions. I’m constantly made fun of when I instantly feel alcohol hit my system and I get buzzed off of literally one drink. I don’t really care about my low tolerance these days since I never have to stretch its limits.
  5. My Inhibitions Went Out The Window When I Was Wasted. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called or texted an ex or recent hookup completely wasted. It seems that as soon as I start drinking, I need to get laid or express my feelings to my ex. I would also eat terribly when I was drunk and wake up pissed that I’d eaten half a pizza. I would hate that I made a stupid choice because of alcohol and I’d blame it on my tolerance level.
  6. I Don’t Actually Like The Taste of Alcohol. I’ve never liked the way beer or liquor tasted. I’ve only ever appreciated a good gin and tonic with a lime, and I certainly don’t need it to relax after a rough shift. I don’t have that craving for alcohol that some possess. I’d be lying if I said I knew what a good red wine was supposed to taste like even as a bartender. It’s just not all that enjoyable to me.
  7. My Father Was An Alcoholic. Alcoholism actually runs in my family, and the day I turned 21 years old, my father warned me about drinking too heavily. I decided to drink every weekend anyway rather than listen to him, and I felt like total crap. I hated not remembering the night before and decided to take my dad’s advice to stay away from alcohol. I didn’t want to end up down a path where I couldn’t get myself back.
  8. I Still Have A Ton Of Fun Totally Sober. When you’re sober, you can definitely still have a ton of fun. I’m usually the one making all my drunk friends laugh until 4 a.m. I dance just fine when I’m sober and I can still function the next day. I don’t need alcohol to loosen up because I feel I’m totally comfortable in my own skin.
  9. I Feel So Much Better Every day I Don’t Drink. When I stopped drinking, I could battle and win my fight over insomnia. I’m able to exercise almost every day without feeling like I need a nap, and I’m able to get up earlier. Not drinking has totally changed how I look at my friends as well and I always encourage them to cut back on their alcohol intake, even though they won’t listen.
  10. I’m More Connected To My Spiritual Side. Being able to find my connection with the universe and with God started once I stopped drinking. I’m able to focus on my meditation and the laws of attraction. Sunday mornings were devoted to nursing a mean hangover and now I can focus on what’s most important.
28-year-young writer with a love for reality TV, boy bands, Tinder, and being the most bad ass single lady on the East Coast.