Quiz: Does My Crush Like Me? Ask Yourself These Questions

Never again do you need to pluck flower petals, saying, “He loves me, he loves me not…” Finding out if your crush likes you doesn’t have to be so confusing. Even the shyest person drops some hints, whether intentionally or not, about their true feelings. Take this quiz to help you figure out once and for all if your crush is into you.

  1. Is their attention consistent? There are countless ways your crush could show you they like you, which can make it difficult to know what specific actions to look for. But no matter the love language they use, the key is to look for consistency. If your crush is interested in you, you never have to worry if they’ll text back or when you’ll see each other again. They’ll try their best to stay connected on a regular basis.
  2. Do they remember small details you’ve shared? It’s frustrating having to repeat yourself whenever you hang out with someone. But if your crush likes you back, you won’t have to. They’ll remember the details you’ve shared, such as when you have a job interview coming up or the name of your beloved rescue dog. Then, they’ll ask how your job interview went or when they can meet your dog Sparky, without you even having to mention it.
  3. Do they accept you? Most of us have been guilty of being attracted to someone’s potential, rather than who they really were. But if your crush truly cares about you, they’ll accept you as you currently are, not who they want you to be. Ask yourself if they ever pressure you to change or do anything you’re not comfortable with. That’s a sign they’re more into their own fantasy than the amazing person you are in reality.
  4. Do they give meaningful compliments? Praise for your appearance can be nice, but a sign that your crush likes you is that they give you compliments that are more than skin deep. If they compliment your unique perspective or positive energy, for example, their feelings for you run deeper than lust.
  5. Are they done playing the field? A sure sign that your crush likes you is if they’re done dating other people. They talk about how they’re ready to settle down, and they’re not interested in casual flings. On the other hand, if they’re slipping hookup stories into your conversations, chances are they’re just not that into you.
  6. Do they make time for you? It can be confusing to know if your crush likes you if they’re often unavailable. And for some, a busy schedule genuinely gets in the way of dating. But someone who wants to start a relationship with you will make time for you—period. Even if they can’t hang every week, they do their best to message you regularly and plan upcoming dates together. If they can’t, you might not be a priority in their life.
  7. How often do they make eye contact? People often say eyes are the window to the soul, and they’re also the window to your crush’s true feelings. Research shows that making eye contact improves communication and expresses affection. If your crush is into you, they’ll maintain eye contact, especially when you’re talking, to show they’re curious and want to know more about you.
  8. Do they look for reasons to talk to you? You and your crush may not see each other regularly, but if they like you, that won’t stop them from keeping in touch. People who are romantically interested in someone else will find ways to initiate conversations, without having an obvious reason for doing so. They might send you memes out of the blue, or maybe they continue asking questions to keep a message thread alive.
  9. Do they laugh at your weird jokes? If your crush likes you, they’ll find all your quirks attractive, including your weird sense of humor. To them, your dad jokes are hilarious and part of what makes you fun to be around. But if your crush isn’t that into you, they may hardly notice your puns or witty comments. Try injecting some humor into your conversations, and pay attention to how they respond.
  10. How do they walk when you’re together? Next time you’re walking with your crush, notice how and where they walk in relation to you. Are they slightly in front of you, behind you, or right by your side? Do they walk at their own pace, or do they match yours? Generally, people adjust their walking style when they’re with someone they’re attracted to. If your crush walks right beside you, mirroring your speed, they’re probably into you. They could walk behind you, too, if they’re comfortable letting you lead. But if your crush always walks in front of you, it’s a sign that they’re comfortable leaving you behind—both literally and figuratively.

Quiz results: your crush is into you

If, after answering these questions, you’re pretty sure that the person you like feels the same about you, now it’s time to make a move. Maybe they’re too shy or simply unsure of how you feel so they’re waiting on you to step up. It’s 2022, which means there’s nothing weird about a woman asking someone out or confessing her feelings. Drum up the courage to go for it and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Quiz results: your crush isn’t into you

If you’re starting to realize that there’s sadly no potential there between you and your crush, try not to be too disappointed. While it sucks to know that your feelings probably aren’t reciprocated, it’s important to remember that if they don’t realize how amazing you are, they’re clearly not meant for you. There are plenty of other people out there who will appreciate you, you just have to be patient.

Relationship educator, writer, host of the Relationship Reminders podcast, and mental health advocate hailing from the US and currently based in Tokyo