Quiz: Is She Losing Interest In Me? How To Tell She’s Drifting Away

Unfortunately, feelings are volatile things. Just because someone likes you now, there’s no guarantee they’ll feel the same way tomorrow. That’s especially true in our modern world, where people can choose from hundreds of dates in the palm of their hand. As hard as this is to accept, it’s important to be able to recognize when the other person has lost interest. Then you’ll be able to stop putting in effort with someone who won’t reciprocate. Take this quiz to find out if she’s losing interest in you or if you’re just being paranoid.

Does she often leave you on read?

Being left on read is never a good feeling. Every now and then, we all do it. But if her leaving you on read is becoming a pattern, and it’s totally new, it could be that she’s slowly losing interest in you. Generally, when you are interested in someone or feel strongly about them, you reply to their texts and are happy to do it.

How long does she take to respond to your messages?

Even if she responds to all your messages, how long does it take? When she frequently leaves you hanging for days, it might be a sign that she’s drifting away. If this happens at the start of a relationship, it could just be her playing hard to get. But if she responds quickly and then all of a sudden starts making you wait hours, it could be her way of subtly putting distance between you.

Is she always unavailable?

You don’t need a quiz to know someone is losing interest in you when they totally avoid you. When someone likes you, they make themselves available to catch up with you. It’s as simple as that. If she’s busy every time you ask her to hang out, and she makes no effort to move her schedule around for you, it’s pretty clear. You’re no longer one of her priorities.

Does she still make an effort around you?

This may not apply to every girl, but generally speaking, we put effort into our looks around the people we’re romantically interested in. Sometimes, she’ll stop making effort in this area when you pass the honeymoon stage. But when that happens, you’ll still share a strong bond between you. If she no longer cares how she looks around you, and every other area of your relationship is lagging, it’s possible she’s lost interest.

How often does she instigate seeing you?

According to Ask Men, one of the signs that your girlfriend is losing interest in you is when she no longer instigates seeing you. It’s one thing to for her to make herself available when you ask. But if she’s never initiating the dates, it might be a red flag.

Does she share her big news with you?

When someone is special to us, they tend to be the first person we share our news with. That goes for good news and bad news. Are you the person she runs to when something important happens? Or are you the last to find out? This can be telling about where you stand in her life. When she’s losing interest in you, you’ll rarely be the first one she shares news with.

Does she include you in her plans?

Bustle explains that when someone no longer includes you in their plans, it can be a sign that they’re drifting away. Does she plan her life as though you’re not even a factor in her decision-making process? This doesn’t tend to happen when someone values your presence in their life and hopes that you stay there.

Are you always her plus one at special events?

Similarly, does she ask you to be her plus one when she has the opportunity? Does she prefer to go alone? Or worse, does she ask someone else? When someone genuinely likes you, they’ll take any chance they can get to make you their plus one. If she’s not asking you when opportunities come up, it’s possible that she has lost interest.

Do your conversations feel forced?

Sometimes, you’ll know that things have changed just by the way your conversations flow. Do they feel awkward and forced? Like you have to look for things to talk about because nothing comes to mind? Then it’s possibly she’s drifting away from you. You won’t have something to talk about all of the time. But generally, when people have feelings for each other and are a good fit, talking to each other won’t feel uncomfortable.

Does she ignore you on social media?

Not everyone is social media savvy, so take this with a grain of salt. But if she actively uses social media and has started ignoring you on there, it might mean she has lost interest. The way we use social media can be very revealing. Most of the time, people who like each other will interact frequently on the platforms (provided they both use them).

Has she started paying more attention to other people than you?

This is perhaps one of the hardest questions to face on this quiz because depending on the answer, it could very well mean she’s losing interest. If she’s suddenly started paying way more attention to other people and even seems extra flirty or interested in someone (or someones) in more than a friendly manner, she might be looking elsewhere for fulfillment.

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