Raccoon Is Super Embarrassed After Having To Be Rescued By Fire Department

A raccoon that got into a house in Georgia but couldn’t find its way back out was incredibly embarrassed after it had to be rescued by the City of Dalton Fire Department. The adorable little guy made his way into the property but the owners were unable to help him return to the great outdoors, which is when emergency workers came in to help.

The fire department shared a photo of the animal on its Facebook page. While the City of Dalton Fire Department is likely way more used to putting out flames, sometimes the work day throws some unexpected curveballs rescuers’ way, and that was certainly the case when they received the call about the raccoon. Thankfully, they were able to usher the animal back out to safety and everyone loved it!

That poor little thing was so embarrassed. “We were called out to help this guy find his way back out of a house in Dalton Monday night. As you can tell, he was pretty embarrassed about it, but it’s really nothing to be ashamed of. We all need a helping hand every now and then,” the department wrote in the post accompanying the photos of the raccoon covering its face. Good thing they were there to help!

The raccoon is back outside and hopefully won’t get itself in such a predicament again. As its rescuers shared, “After helping our new friend out of the jam, we were able to take him to safely release him back into the wild where he’ll hopefully be less adventurous in his search for snacks from now on.”

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