A Real Man Will Remind You Daily Why You Fell In Love With Him

Any guy can occasionally brighten your day, but it takes someone truly special to make you feel absolutely amazing on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a guy worthy of spending the rest of your life with, ask yourself if he displays these signs of being a truly worthy partner:

  1. He always appreciates you. The hallmark quality of a wonderful man is that he never takes any of the good in his life for granted. This, of course, includes you. He never becomes complacent about the relationship or looks at you with anything less than love and happiness.
  2. He doesn’t let himself get comfortable. This applies to his partnership with you, but also to his entire life. He knows that if things feel settled, it means that he’s no longer growing as a person. He sees that if he gets complacent about his romance with you, it will wither and die. He’s smart enough to understand that life needs constant attention and development.
  3. He has ambitions, dreams, and convictions. You will look at this man with love in your eyes every single day because he’s an awesome person. You fell in love with him for his character, his strength, and his ability to stand tall in the face of hardship. He doesn’t let any of his goals slide simply because he’s in a relationship, and that’s one of many reasons why you stay with him.
  4. He stands up for what he believes. You didn’t stick with any of the others because they didn’t have any conviction. They didn’t care much about anyone or anything in particular. You can’t be with an apathetic person; it’s a waste of your time. This man is special because not only does he have morals and opinions, he makes sure to defend them when necessary.
  5. He’s compassionate and kind. Every day he displays his immense generosity and huge heart in one way or another. He’s always putting others before himself and lives to make people happy. How could you possibly not love this man?
  6. He does all the little things you always wanted. You finally understand why your past relationships didn’t work: life was waiting to give you this man. He provides everything that your exes never gave you, plus more than you ever could’ve dreamed. His everyday gestures are more romantic than your old boyfriends’ biggest displays of affection, and he makes sure to keep your love fresh and exciting.
  7. He cares about your happiness. You’ve never felt so loved. This doesn’t have to mean he smothers you with affection (unless that’s what you want). He simply provides the most love possible in exactly the way you need it. Everyone’s different, but he gets you. He takes care of you physically, mentally, and emotionally. This man is a true partner, and you appreciate him more every day.
  8. He knows that showing affection doesn’t make him less of a man. He would never brush you off or push away your hand because he’s embarrassed to show love in public. You’ve been with men before who made you feel silly for wanting physical affection, but this one’s different. Obviously you aren’t going to stick your tongue down his throat in front of everyone; you just want that physical closeness that comfortable, happy couples enjoy, and you finally have a man who’s secure enough to go there.
  9. He treats you like the most precious aspect of his life. He knows that you’re special, and he makes it clear that he intends to keep you around forever. You’re his best friend, and he’d never do anything to hurt you or make you feel unwanted. Every day you’re reminded that he’s in love with you and only you. He wouldn’t even think of risking losing you.
  10. He shares his heart and soul with you. You’ve been with a lot of guys who were emotionally stunted or unavailable. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to break through to someone you care about and having him stonewall you. This guy gives you everything he’s got. He loves nothing more than sharing the nooks and crannies of his mind with you. You had no idea communicating could be so easy. Every day is a new adventure of the mind, soul, and body with him. With a guy like this, you’ll never be bored.
  11. He makes sure you know that you come first. Some guys tell you that you’re everything to them, but their actions state otherwise. This man obviously cares deeply about everything in his life, which is one reason why you’re so attracted to him. Still, when it comes down to it, you are his partner and number-one priority. You never feel slighted or underappreciated, and he makes sure to consult you on all his important decisions. Now you understand what a true partnership is because you’re with a mature and evolved man.
  12. He lives to give you joy. Your presence in the world gives him endless happiness, and he wants to give that right back to you. He’s so grateful to have you in his life that he makes the effort to shower you with the most love he possibly can. Any moment that he can make your life better is a great moment for him. As long as the two of you remember how lucky you are to have each other, you’ll have a beautiful and solid love.





A former actress who has always loved the art of the written word, Amy is excited to be here sharing her stories! She just completed her first novel, and is also a contributor for Elite Daily, Dirty & Thirty, and Thought Catalog. Amy is the founder of What If Journey and can be found on Twitter @amyhorton18. You can also visit her website at amyhorton.net.