The Sad Reality Of Always Meeting The Wrong Guys At The Right Time

The Sad Reality Of Always Meeting The Wrong Guys At The Right Time ©iStock/vsurkov

It’s frustrating when you’re completely ready to find love and you set out to find it, only to be met with a string of disappointments and failed attempts at real relationships. When you’re ready for the real deal and keep getting slapped with all the wrong guys at the right time in your life, the struggle is real.

  1. You wonder when your turn is coming. It’s tough constantly asking yourself, “When the hell is my turn coming?” because you literally just don’t understand how you’ve been single for as long as you have without finally running into the right guy, or even one good enough for right now. They say that timing is everything, and you know all too well that saying is eerily accurate.
  2. You become exhausted in the search. You constantly feel exhausted and worn right out from putting all of your best energy forward and hoping each time that this one will finally be worth it — so far, it hasn’t happened. You know giving up seems like quitting and you’re looking to win the right love into your world, but how can you possibly find the energy after all these disappointments?
  3. You swear off dating then get back on the horse again repeatedly. When you become far too drained to give a damn, you’ll take a time out. It’s a welcome break for awhile but sooner or later, you revert back into the cravings of wanting love in your life. It’s not desperation — you’re an amazing person who has a ton to offer and you’re not going to find that guy by becoming a hermit. So you put your big girl panties on and you get back out there again, hoping this will finally be the last time.
  4. You develop a complex about your crappy luck. Eventually, meeting all the wrong guys when you’re truly ready for a relationship drives you to a dark place of insanity in your own mind. How can you have such crappy luck? The people around you and friends in your life are getting into relationships left, right and center almost effortlessly, so what gives? Ugh.
  5. You hold on to hope, but it wears thinner each time you meet another moron. You’re no stranger to keeping hope alive and you do very well at it… most of the time. Women who face so many dating disappointments are undoubtedly stronger and more resilient than most, but sometimes you just can’t even anymore and you have a hard time getting excited about a new guy. You want to be hopeful, but reality has mostly shown you what a letdown love can be.
  6. You question whether or not you were meant to find love. This stage is probably the worst. You’ll constantly question whether or not you’ll actually find someone amazing to share your life with. You wouldn’t be the first woman to end up alone, so it totally could happen. Here’s the thing, though — no matter what your relationship status is, you can and will still go on to live an amazing and fulfilling life in other ways.
  7. It doesn’t get easier; in fact, it only gets harder. You’ve been up, down and around this roller coaster so many times that you’re nearly completely numb to the ride. You start out hopeful and even though you keep a level of optimism alive in your heart, it just gets harder as each bachelor walks in and out of your life. Remember this: everything that happens to you is all part of a bigger picture. It’s like piecing a puzzle together, you just haven’t seen the completed picture yet. Hang in there.
  8. You’re no longer upset by losing the guy — you’re upset with the process itself. You no longer give a damn about the actual breakups themselves, but you still become upset at the disappointments because it’s become a trend in your life. Your friends wonder how you could possibly be so upset about a guy you didn’t date for very long, but it’s no longer about him, the guy before him or the one before that — it’s the constant failure with no ending in sight that hurts the most.
  9. You keep trying anyway, clinging on to whatever positivity you can find. No matter how frustrating this process may be, you keep trying. You try because you still have hope. You try because you still have love to give. You try because no matter how many jerks you encounter, or how many failed attempts of love you experience, you’re learning, getting one step closer, and you know what you want and deserve. You might struggle with constantly meeting the wrong guys at the right time, but all it’s going to take is that one right guy to turn it all around.