14 Reasons A Guy Who Seems Like A Catch Is On Dating Apps

Don’t assume that cute, smart guy is on a dating app to find his soulmate. An Esquire survey found that only 48% of men are on Bumble to find a relationship, while only 42% are looking for relationships on Tinder. Yikes. There are other reasons why that sexy guy with the corgi dog in his profile picture has joined a dating app, and some might surprise you.

He’s feeling a little lonely. 

He’s been out of the game for ages and just wants to make a connection. Yeah, he’s into you when he swipes right, but what’s driving him is the fact that he hasn’t had sex or emotional intimacy since Trump came into power. Beware.

He’s bored. 

Have you noticed how many lazy guys there are on dating apps? It’s like they can’t be bothered to have a real conversation. That’s because they’re just there because they want easy entertainment without having to put in much effort. You can spot the bored guy by how he’ll ditch a conversation halfway through when real life comes knocking or how he only seems interested to sext because it’s easier to snap a picture of his naked body than talk about himself. Ugh.

He’s a drunk user. 

He had a moment when he was totally faded and thought, “Maybe dating apps would be cool to try?” That explains why he’s hardly filled out his profile and seems like a light user. He’s the type who’ll say, “Hey!” and maybe crack a few jokes but then never talk to you again because when he’s sober he realizes what a time-sucker dating apps are.

His best friend got married. 

He thought he could be single forever until his best friend got hitched. Then suddenly he realized time’s running out, he’s almost 30, and he really should try to meet a nice woman, so he signed up. He doesn’t really like the app so he’s laying low until he sees someone interesting. Basically, he’s just going through the motions because he’s burdened by the societal pressure to find someone.

He’s horny. 

Of course, people love using dating apps to get sex, and it’s still really common. The same Esquire survey found that 47% of people surveyed use Tinder specifically to hook up. Ugh.

He’s checking out the scene. 

He’s already in a relationship but he’s keen to check out women that are out there. It’s like relationship window shopping. If he’s decent, he’ll tell you that he’s taken. A scary study by Global Web Index found that 42% of people on Tinder are already in relationships.

He’s hoping to forget about his ex.

He just broke up with his ex and it was brutal so he’s hoping to feel better about relationships and maybe even forget all about her. Enter dating apps, which give him some eye candy and help him feel better about himself when a hot woman initiates conversation.

He doesn’t know what he wants. 

You know the guy who says he’s just there to “see what happens”? Yeah, he’s a man without a plan. He’s not there because he knows what he wants but just to waste time or figure out if dating apps are for him. Avoid at all costs.

He wants something casual. 

Then there’s the guy who’s enjoyable to chat to but he says that he’s looking for a “fun relationship.” This is confusing: does he want sex or a real connection? More like a blend of the two. He wants a relationship that’s casual and pleasurable and perhaps gives him someone to enjoy skydiving with, just without any real commitment.

He’s keen for some “talking”

Sometimes guys go on dating apps because they just want to talk and get to know women without actually meeting them. It sounds weird but it’s really common. A study by LendEDU found that more than 70% of people on Tinder have never met up with matches in real life. WTF is everyone talking about?!

He wants a confidence boost.

It can feel really good to see that sexy, interesting people on a dating app are into you, and those guys who chat for a bit then disappear are often just chasing their next confidence boost. The same LendEDU study found that 44% of people on Tinder are using the app to get an ego stroke.

He wants to feel sexier than he is in real life.

Some people treat dating apps in the same way they treat social media: it’s a numbers game. They just want to see how many people they can be liked by, even if it’s not genuine liking. When a guy who’s not sexy or confident in RL gets loads of attention on a dating app, it’s powerful stuff. The downside is that he’ll probably be catfishing his way into a date with you. Not cool.

He “uses dating apps when he travels.”

He’s keen to try dating apps when he’s traveling to different countries so he can connect with the locals. In other words, have exciting one-night-stands and flings with exotic women. Dude, just ’cause you dress it up as an artistic hobby, it’s still just hooking up!

He really wants to meet someone. 

Of course, there are always going to be men who use dating apps because they genuinely want to find someone nice to have a relationship with. Some might even be interested in love! You just never know…


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