10 Reasons To Take Love-Making To The Next Level & Get Creative

It’s really easy to slip into a routine with your significant other — he knows what you like, and vice-versa. But a routine can turn into a rut faster than a Kardashian can call the paparazzi. Love-making is the one time you don’t have to worry about messing with perfection. You can always go back to your tried and true positions, so there’s literally no risk involved in trying something new. You could’ve been missing out on the best intimacy you’ve never had and not even know it. Between gossip with your girlfriends and Cosmo, there’s no shortage of information on different moves you can add to your repertoire. Not only is it healthy to mix things up in the bedroom, it’s necessary — and here’s why.

  1. You’ll never know until you try. Yes, this is something your mother said to you as a child when she was trying to get you to try vegetables, but she was right. You could be closing yourself off from a world of pleasure you never knew you could have because you’re afraid or too stubborn to try it. Of course you’re not going to be obsessed with every new move or technique you try, but it’s a process of trial and error. And when you find one that really gets you or your partner going, all of the effort will be worth it.
  2. You won’t get bored. You may not even realize you’re bored, but if you can predict exactly how your evening romp will go down (pun intended), you’re probably bored. While there’s comfort in familiarity, being able to anticipate everything before it happens diminishes any chance of excitement in your intimate encounter. If you throw a new move in here or there, you’re guaranteed to be happier with your intimate life in the long run.
  3. He won’t get bored. There’s never a good reason or excuse to cheat, but men who have cheated often say that their significant other’s reluctance to do certain things in the bedroom caused them to stray to other women who would. While you should never do anything you’re uncomfortable with, you should mix it up a little for your partner’s benefit too. If he wants something new or exciting and you shut him down without trying, it’ll bruise his ego and might lead him to look for it elsewhere.
  4. Fantasy is healthy. Fantasies are a healthy part of everyone’s intimate life and it’s natural that at some point, you or your partner will want to try one. There’s nothing hotter than a significant other who wants to play along and who doesn’t make the other person feel like a  freak for wanting to fulfill a fantasy. Mixing your real life partner with fantasy can make for a great time.
  5. You’re less likely to wonder what or who else is out there. Single or in a relationship, the grass is always greener. If you’re in a relationship and your intimate life is in a funk, you might start to wonder if maybe there’s someone else more compatible for you out there. When you breathe new life into things, it’ll make you more content with your partner are and you’re less likely to be wondering about anyone other than him.
  6. It shows you want to please him too. Sometimes as women we have an idea in our head what love-making is or what it should be. Men can be a bit more imaginative when it comes to this. If he’s always wanting to try something and you’re always shooting him down, it can lead to frustration and a bruised ego. There’s no harm in trying. If you don’t like it, you never have to do it again, but it at least shows that you’re willing to experiment or try something he’s been longing for to make him happy. Chances are he’ll do the same for you.
  7. You’ll never be out of firsts. When you’re in a long-term relationship and you’re more likely than not going to be spending the rest of your life with this person, it can be sad and scary to think that you will never have another first kiss or first date again. You can have new firsts. If you try new things when it comes to intimacy and share them with someone you’re comfortable with on an emotional level, it can increase the bond beyond what you thought was possible and give you infinite firsts to look forward to.
  8. You won’t feel left in the dust because you’re in a relationship. Single people love to brag about their intimate lives. People in relationships, not so much. It’s easy to feel like your single pals are on the forefront of exploration changing partners and positions more often than you change your Friday night takeout order. But why should they have all of the fun? You can cure your FOMO by switching it up a little.
  9. You need new stimuli. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. In love-making, doing the same thing over and over again results in a loss of appeal and desensitization. Sure, it feels good, but it doesn’t feel as amazing as when you first started doing it. When you begin to switch things up and try new positions and techniques you will feel the most pleasure possible and when you return to your standard positions they will feel better since you gave them a break.
  10. Life is too short to be timid. Life is short and the world is crazy. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. If there’s something new you want to try, just do it, Nike style. There’s no reason not to try to maximize your pleasure and enjoyment. Love-making is supposed to be fun. Why put limits on your potential for pleasure?
Abby Stern grew up in New Orleans and is now an actress, screenwriter, and blogger (who isn't?) trying to keep it real in Los Angeles. She also writes for FabFitFun and contributes to various blogs detailing her unique perspective on dating and twenty-something life in Hollywood. Gwyneth Paltrow is her spirit animal and in her free time, Abby enjoys Bellinis and plotting to steal unattended Birkin bags. Follow her on Twitter: @abbystern