Red Lobster’s New Bloody Mary Comes Complete With A Lobster Claw And A Cheddar Bay Biscuit

Red Lobster’s New Bloody Mary Comes Complete With A Lobster Claw And A Cheddar Bay Biscuit Red Lobster

While most of us tend to opt for wine or beer or even more conventional cocktails like margaritas or a G&T, only the brave can truly appreciate the glory of a Bloody Mary. It’s not a drink for the faint of heart by any means, but if you love them, you’ll want to head to Red Lobster for their limited edition take on the classic savory, tomato-based alcoholic drink. Trust me, it’s good.

  1. They’re just in time for National Bloody Mary Day. Strangely enough, January 1 isn’t just New Year’s Day, it’s also a little-known but totally awesome holiday known as National Bloody Mary Day. Red Lobster is offering their drink from December 31, so if you’re in the mood to celebrate 2020 and delicious alcoholic beverages, you know what to do.
  2. It’s not your standard Bloody Mary. This is Red Lobster we’re talking about here, so you know this has to be extra. Instead of just a boring stick of celery or some olives, the restaurant chain’s version includes a whole lobster claw AND a cheddar bay biscuit. You also get a shrimp, an olive, a wedge of lime, and a spicy seasoning along the rim of the glass. And if you’re particular about your liquor, it’s made with Tito’s vodka.
  3. It’s only available for a limited time. Red Lobster is offering their Bloody Mary through February 2, 2020, so you have a few weeks to get there if you’re too hungover on New Year’s Day to drag yourself out of bed. Then again, what’s better when you’re hungover than a bunch of fried food and more alcohol? I rest my case.
  4. If Bloody Marys aren’t your style, they do offer other drinks. Red Lobster makes some really tasty cocktails and other mixed drinks, so if you can’t really get down with the sour, savory taste of a Bloody Mary, there are plenty of other drinks on the menu to choose from – you’ll just have to order your lobster and cheddar bay biscuits separately.



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