Why I Refuse To Instagram My Dream Beach Vacation

This year, I’m taking a beach vacation that many people would kill for, and while I’ve been tempted to post every single second of it on Instagram for posterity (and likes, obviously), I’ve decided not to—here’s why.

  1. I need a proper break from everything and everyone back home. My priority on this vacation is to de-stress, recharge, and completely disconnect. I won’t be able to do all that if I’m constantly online counting likes and checking who’s seen my posts. I know what you’re thinking—no one is forcing me to do that—but we all know how addictive social media is and how we can’t keep our hands off our phones.
  2. I’m taking this vacation only for me. I see this as a gift from me to myself. I’m planning to spend it enjoying the moment and ideally relaxing my tired mind by letting tons of personal BS go. Sharing it with other people online isn’t a priority for me. To put it simply, I don’t really care if they “like” it or not or if it earns me more followers. My relaxation and peace of mind at this moment are more important.
  3. What looks amazing isn’t always the same as what feels amazing. Let’s be honest—I may post the most gorgeous photos of myself stretching on white sand or laughing hysterically with my girlfriends, but this doesn’t prove we’re actually having the time of ourlives. I need to focus on actually having a good time and not pretending to have one for the perfect photo.
  4. I really don’t care if I have a “bikini body” or not. Even though I’ve recently more or careful with my diet, I really don’t care if I my “beach body” is ready for vacation—I know that I am. Moreover, I know I’ll never look like a supermodel and I’ve come to terms with that. I’m not planning to take a hundred selfies to decide which one makes me look thinner or hotter.
  5. Being online takes time away from enjoying my vacation. I’ve been wanting to take this trip for years and I have many plans about the things I want to see and do. I’m not gonna waste my time glued to my phone screen for no good reason when this is my only chance to enjoy a gorgeous place. Moreover, I think it’s a bit sad after paying an expensive plane ticket and enduring an hours-long flight to worry even for a minute about pointless gossip back home.
  6. I still remember summer vacations before the social media craze and I miss them. I may sound like a relic for saying that but I have fond memories of summers before Facebook and Instagram. It was an awesome time where meeting people was much easier and effortless than it is today. People lived in the moment and were less paranoid about how their actions would reflect on some person’s Facebook.
  7. I’m tired of dating my phone 24/7.  In the recent years, my phone has become a part of me and I reach out for it basically all the time. I’m tired of carrying it around like an extension of my arm and feeling fidgety if I haven’t checked updates for more than an hour. I feel addicted to my phone and I hate it.
  8. I’m planning to be social. By that, I don’t mean Facebook social, but rather I plan to enjoy casual chat with the people around me like in the good old days when we actually looked across the room for conversation and not towards our phone screens.
  9. I admit it—I don’t want anyone to jinx it. This is a special holiday for me and a part of me wants to protect it from the green-eyed monster. I know this sounds a tad prejudiced, but it’s also true that I’ve been jinxed in the past by oversharing my enthusiasm/good news on social media and expecting the world to wish me well. Don’t ask me how it happens but jinxing is real.
  10. A general social media #detox has been long overdue. I’ve been wanting to take a break from social media for a while now, and this is the perfect moment to do so. Not only will I refrain from posting updates but I’ll also let everyone know that I can’t be reached online. This way I won’t be tempted to cheat. I feel that, just like drugs or booze, over-checking social media has thrown me off balance and has made me feel less happy and connected to others. No way am I taking this sucky feeling with me on my holidays.
Chrisa is a freelance travel and lifestyle journalist who is obsessed with urban life, big cities, and untold stories.