Reminder: You’re Enough. Really.

Whether you’ve dated a guy who has made you feel inadequate or you’ve had life kick you around, it can be difficult to remember your worth. Negative people and experiences can suck the life out of you and shake the foundation you used to stand so firmly on. We’ve all been there at one point or another, and if you can relate, don’t believe the hype. You’re more than enough.

  1. You’re worth so much more than you realize. It’s hard to remember how it felt before all the self-doubt crept in and your confidence took a nosedive, but it doesn’t take away from the person you still are. The few people can’t see your value pale in comparison to the tons of people who can. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.
  2. You’re too good for anyone who makes you feel like you aren’t. Anyone who makes you feel like you aren’t good enough or who tears you down for who you are is simply insecure themselves. No good guy will make you feel like you aren’t worthy or make you doubt how you feel about yourself. As for the ones who do, don’t ever make room in your life for their BS opinions. You’re everything just the way you are.
  3. You have so much good in you and so much to offer. Remember that. Life can be hard and people can be terrible. That’s non-negotiable. There will be times when you feel like you’re coming up short, but those times can never compare to the hundreds of times you’ve battled through it and succeeded. And trust me—you have so many more to come. While no one is perfect and we all have flaws, you are, and have always been, enough.
  4. You’ve been through hell and made it out the other side. For all the times you’ve been made to doubt yourself or have questioned your own strength and worth, you’ve certainly come out fighting. Of all the things you’ve been through, you’re still here and still living life on your terms. Everything that happens is needed for you to grow and for you to discover what you’re made of.
  5. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. If you’re going through a rough few months, always remember it’s all happening for a reason. Forget the pressure society puts on you or the pressure you feel from family and friends because you’re on the exact path you’re supposed to be on. Your journey is unique to you and no matter what anyone thinks, it’s perfectly okay.
  6. No one else is you, and that’s your power. It sounds so cliche but it couldn’t be more true. Everything about you is unique and you bring things to the table that no one else but you can. If you ever have someone in your life who doesn’t appreciate exactly who you are, leave them behind, and quickly. I promise that when you realize that you’re enough, you’ll have 10 people who agree and are happy to replace the idiot who didn’t.
  7. You don’t need anyone else to validate you. Remember, the first and most important person you need love from is you. Learning to love yourself and knowing that you’re amazing means you won’t need to seek out anyone to confirm it. You’re too good to chase people who can’t appreciate your value, and doing so will only make you doubt it yourself.
  8. Don’t ever let the negative define you. None of the crappy people you’ve encountered or bad experiences you’ve had are a reflection of who you are or what you deserve. There will always be roadblocks and people who will try to tear you down, but that’s purely a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Just because someone didn’t treat you the way they should have or something didn’t work out doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve more. Besides, sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.
  9. So many people love you for exactly who you are. Even on your worst days, on the days when you feel like your flaws are glaring, the true people in your life love you just as much as they always have. Your imperfections and everything else that makes you, you are exactly what they love. Even when you can’t see it yourself, you’re so much more than enough for all the people in your life who can’t get enough of you.