This Resort Has “Instagram Trails” And An “Instagram Butler” And We Want To Go Now!

This Resort Has “Instagram Trails” And An “Instagram Butler” And We Want To Go Now! Conrad Hotels & Resorts

When planning a trip, chances are you look for a place with stunning views that will look bomb on Instagram, right? Well, gone are the days when you spent your holiday staring down at your phone to take pictures, thanks to a resort in the Maldives that makes your trip fabulous on social media without making you miss a moment of your holiday. Here’s what you need to know about it.

  1. It’s got dedicated “Instagram trails.” The Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort has created tours known as “Instagram trails” which are basically guided paths to give you the most spectacular and photo-worthy locations in the resort so you don’t have to go hunt them down. There are tours of different lengths—one, three, and five hours each—with breathtaking views that’ll look pretty in every picture.
  2. And you get an “Insta-butler” to come along. Insta-butlers are staff members who are pros at social media and can help you get the best pics of yourself standing in front of crystal blue waters or enjoying sunsets on the beach. What?!
  3. You’ll learn some photo tips. Ever wished you could learn some tips to make your Instagram selfies look much more fab? Well, now you can. Your Insta-butler will give you some smart photo hacks on how to get the best holiday snaps so that your Instagram feed will look like a million dollars.
  4. You’ll finally nail those sunset shots. Who doesn’t have a few on their Instagram accounts? (You can admit it, this is a judgment-free zone.) If you love taking pics of the glorious sunset, the Insta-butler will specifically give you some tips on how to achieve better pics of sunsets and sunrises. This is something we could all do with—and who knows? This might inspire you to take up photography when you get back home.
  5. Go score all the hidden gems. Your Insta-butler will take you to find really gorgeous sights and hidden treasures, such as sunset views of the Indian Ocean and views from inside the world’s first undersea restaurant that’s made of glass. Or, how about taking pictures of the stars for an hour in the Astro-tourism site? Bliss!
  6. Get the best of both worlds. You want to take that yoga class, but… you want someone to take a picture of you in that yoga class, looking strong AF. Your wish is granted! While you’re working up a sweat in yoga on the stunning beach, you’ll get pictures taken of you. It sounds lavish and OTT, but imagine what great memories you’ll have!
  7. There are loads of other activities you’ll love. If yoga’s not your thing, no worries. You could go exploring the islands, take a five-hour crash-course in Maldivian culture, or enjoy a cooking class where you’ll learn to roll your own Chinese noodles. These activities are just some that form part of the “Stay Inspired” initiative that’s all about making the most of the time you have in which to explore the world around you with fun activities. Smile for the camera. Actually, don’t. Just enjoy the moment and see the great snaps later.
  8. It brings you back to the moment. We spend way too much time on our phones every day, even when we’re supposed to be relaxing on holiday. With the Instagram trails and Insta-butlers, you can chill out and do your thing while the photos are taken of you. It’s sort of like being at your own wedding, only better!
  9. You can leave your phone in your Insta-butler’s hands. Who wants to waste time finding the perfect filter to post a picture on Instagram? You don’t have time for that on holiday. That’s why it’s best to leave your phone in your Insta-butler’s hands—literally—and he’ll do all the social media work for you, such as finding the perfect photo caption, choosing the most flattering filter, and posting the image on Instagram for you if you like. Nice one!
  10. Holiday snaps are a thing, but don’t make them THE thing. There’s no doubt that a big part of holidays involves getting amazing pics to show your friends and family back home, and to create memories that you can daydream about when you’re back at your desk. In fact, a UK study of 2,000 travelers found that one in seven choose a holiday location according to the cuisine—it should be Instagrammable! With someone taking over the Instagram activities so that you can have an amazing holiday, you get beautiful pictures without missing out on what’s happening in front of you. It’s the perfect way to soak up memorable experiences and leave social media stress behind.
  11. Time to start saving up! Okay, so obviously this all comes at a price, especially considering you’re staying in one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can expect to pay approximately $750 for one night at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort. Gulp. Time to start stashing some money away and make this dream holiday a reality!
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