Restaurant Customer Spots Guy On Adorable Dinner Date With His Dog

A woman who decided to grab dinner at a local restaurant was lucky enough to catch a fellow diner on an adorable date with his very well-behaved dog. Gemma ColĂłn from New York City thought she was just getting a tasty meal, but instead, she also got to witness one of the sweetest and most precious interactions between the man and his four-legged best friend. I haven’t seen anything quite so adorable in a very long time.


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Gemma shared a video of the interaction on TikTok. In the clip, you can see the man sipping wine while his pooch perches on a yellow metal chair directly across from him, happy as he can be. He occasionally sips from a bowl of water provided just for him and is just generally a Very Good Boy. Be still my heart!

Gemma found the moment incredibly heartwarming. As she told The Dodo: “I was presented with one of the most unexpectedly heartwarming views. I noticed this dog seated across from his owner, perched up on a chair, acting like an absolute proper gentleman.”

She couldn’t get over how well-behaved the dog was. While many dogs are obedient, this man’s dog was able to hang out for the entire dinner while minding his manners the entire time. “[The man] was doing a crossword puzzle and sipping a glass of red wine with his meal. His date (the dog) was enjoying his own bowl of water, which he slurped politely,” she recalled. “It was really amazing how well-behaved the pup was. I saw better table manners displayed by this dog than I’ve seen from some humans.”

The man takes his dog out all the time. While Gemma didn’t speak to the man herself, she did hear him talking to a server and he said that the dog comes pretty much everywhere with him. “I heard a waitress comment on how good the dog was at one point, and the man replied saying he brings the dog with him everywhere,” Gemma said. “It definitely seemed like a very pleasant date, with lovely company.” How adorable is that?!

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