The Most Ridiculous Things Couples Actually Fight About

Every couple fights, but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically breaking up. Think back on your last minor argument with your partner — it was probably about something stupid, but sometimes those little things get blown way out of proportion. Here are some of the dumbest things couples fight over:

  1. Toilet seats and toilet paper. What couple hasn’t argued over putting the toilet seat down? Another common fight is which way to put the toilet paper roll on. A couple can only handle so much compromise and when it comes to the toilet, things turn seriously crappy fast.
  2. A missed call or text. Service providers promise amazing nationwide coverage, but sometimes a call or text doesn’t make it through until hours later. Apparently, missing a single call or text means your relationship’s in serious trouble.
  3. Glancing at another man/woman. Ahh, jealousy. It’s broken up many couples. Usually, it takes more than a glance, though. Who knew you were supposed to learn to walk with your eyes closed when out in public? The saying “I only have eyes for you” takes on a whole new meaning.
  4. Chatting up a friend of the opposite sex. Everyone has a friend of the opposite sex. Just don’t let your partner know about it or you might just get an ultimatum. Even the most innocent conversations are grounds for a serious fight.
  5. How to sleep. He wants the left side, but so do you. He wants to spoon and you want all the covers. Learning to sleep together takes time, but for some couples, it’s their way or the highway. By the time your alarm goes off, you’re ready to rumble.
  6. Family. Family causes plenty of stress, but getting jealous when your partner spends time with their family instead of you isn’t a reason to argue. Apparently, relationships mean sharing, but not with the family or friends.
  7. Relationship status on social media. Social media is one of the worst things to happen to relationships. Oh no, he updated his status to “it’s complicated,” but mine says we’re fine. It’s even worse when one person still has “single” after you’ve been together a few months. After all, the relationship status is basically the digital version of an engagement ring and wedding.
  8. Not liking each other’s updates. Once again, social media is evil. Even when a couple is together all the time, they’re still supposed to like every one of their partner’s status updates. Miss a like? The next status update might just be “we’re over.”
  9. Keeping anniversaries low key. For most women, a guy remembering an anniversary at all is enough to make you happy. That’s not the case with some couples. Unless it’s an all out, major event, it must mean you’re not in love. Too bad flowers and a dinner leads to thanks, but I don’t want to see you anymore.
  10. Getting the wrong gift. This is usually just something you bitch to your friends about, not break up over. No, some couples call it quits after unwrapping what they consider a most unwelcome surprise and no, we’re not talking about Justin Timberlake’s gift, either.
  11. How one or both dresses. You wouldn’t think fashion would be such a big deal. Everyone has their own style. Still, it’s like cutthroat Project Runway for some. Maybe this is where guys get the idea that when they get married, their wives are going to pick out all their clothes.
  12. Hobbies. You’d think hobbies would at least be safe, unless you’re living together and your partner’s spending rent on new car parts or video games. Some couples think you have to do everything the same and this means hobbies, too. Don’t like the exact same things? Too bad. You might just get a new hobby — being single.
  13. Liking different sports teams. They’re just games and it’s not like any of us are actually playing. No, fantasy teams don’t make you an athlete. Why is it such a problem to like different teams? Friendly rivalry? No, it’s all out war, except without a ref calling a foul.
  14. Stupid Internet arguments. Do you remember “the dress”? Some couples actually broke up over that. All it takes is finding out your significant other sees things differently than you do online and you’re suddenly you’re having a screaming match about something totally different.
  15. What to play in the car. You love country, he loves rap. Obviously, you’re going to be listening to country until he rudely changes the station. Compromise just isn’t something that applies here, at least for certain couples. Some people would rather be alone than listen to a single second of music they don’t like.
  16. What to watch on TV. It’s a common argument, but not one that usually leads to a serious argument. You learn to share and take turns. For others, it’s like daycare gone wild. There’s yelling, screaming, remote of tug-of-war and major tantrums. Chill out and go watch some Netflix or something.
  17. Thermostat wars. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who loves the same thermostat setting as you, keep them. It’s all some couples really want. Even a single degree difference is enough to get them hot and bothered in all the wrong ways.
  18. Figuring out what or where to eat. It’s a given that most couples will go through the “I don’t know, what would you like to eat?” discussion 20 times before figuring out what’s for dinner. With some couples, it only takes one “I don’t know” to lead to no dinner and a major fight.
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