Ridiculous Labels Men Give Women That Need To Stop

Ridiculous Labels Men Give Women That Need To Stop ©iStock/Freemixer

A lot of guys have some pretty messed up opinions about women. If Internet commentary alone is an indication, we’re still very much in a swing of the battle of the sexes. We get it — you’ve had bad experience with women, so naturally all women must behave this way, right? Wrong. Just like not all men are the same, no two women are identical, either. Stop tarring us all with these BS labels:

  1. Emotional. Many women are more outwardly emotional than men, that’s true, but not all women are emotional all the time, and some of us not at all. Some of us cry only at cute rom-com moments and some of us hate the mere thought of shedding tears in front of anyone else. Quit assuming we’re all giant burning balls of feelings, because we’re all different.
  2. Crazy. Cut it out with this crap already. Do you have any other vocabulary in your book of word weaponry? Women aren’t crazy, and even if someone has a legitimate mental ailment, it’s still rude as hell to dismiss her in this way. Calling all women crazy because you had a less than desirable experience with one of more of us in the past is not only gaslighting, but it’s pretty childish, too. Grow up.
  3. Bitchy. I’m not a huge fan of the word “bitch” when used in a negative way to begin with, but it’s particularly frustrating when many men use it as a blanket word to describe women. Perhaps if you referred to us with kinder labels, you’d have more pleasant experiences. Just a thought.
  4. Easy. Reminder: ALL women are entitled to have sex with whomever, whenever and no one should judge us for it. But even if you know women who are more promiscuous than others, it’s not an excuse. All women are entitled to share their bodies however we please, and slut-shaming is something that needs to be abolished in its entirety.
  5. Irrational. Sure, sometimes we spin out from time to time, but this doesn’t mean we’re all irrational, combative monsters who are searching for our next fight with men. We’re human just like you, and sometimes we’ll have eruptions, too.
  6. Complicated. All women aren’t complicated. All women have a unique story that makes us who we are. Some of us have fought harder battles than others, but that doesn’t mean we’re all the same and that we all carry a ton of emotional baggage. It’s time we learn to appreciate one another for our own personal journeys, instead of constantly labeling each other in a negative way.
  7. Weak. Whether we fail to throw a baseball as far as man can or can’t lift something particularly heavy, it doesn’t mean that all women should be labelled weak. There are plenty of women who are stronger than some men and many men that are stronger than women. The point is to stop tripping up women as a whole with gender biases. We’re all unique humans with our own difference characteristics that make us who we are.