How To Rock The Holidays When You’re Single

Celebrating the holidays solo can be tough times. Everyone’s all cozied up with their other halves, drinking Bailey’s and hot cocoa and hanging their Christmas decorations, and you’re just running out of rum way faster than eggnog. It’s as if the universe is punishing you for spending yet another year alone by taunting you with excessive amounts of cutesy Instagram couples with matching plaid pajamas. Don’t despair — being single around the holidays actually boasts major benefits. Here is how to rock your guy-less holiday season:

  1. Decorate. You’d be surprised how many single people don’t get a tree or decorate their homes to match the holiday season, but we strongly encourage it. And a huge bonus is that you can theme your decor whichever way you like. If you want to hang sample sized Jack Daniels bottles on your tree as ornaments, it shall be yours!
  2. Bake stuff. It might seem like a cliche thing to do, but the holidays are a great excuse to eat and give delicious things to other people. Just because you don’t have a spouse to bake things with/for doesn’t mean your coworkers and friends won’t love you a little more for bringing them snickerdoodles and shortbread cookies. Bonus: no fighting over who gets to lick the bowl.
  3. Treat yourself. Aside from the baked goods, a huge perk of being single around the holidays is the fact that you don’t have a spouse to buy gifts for and therefore more money for, well, yourself. So what you’re not going to get a cutesy card and a piece of jewelry? Buy yourself something nice instead or put what you would have spent towards a vacation for yourself in the New Year.
  4. Dress up. Rocking a great holiday outfit is an instant mood booster, and the rules are loosened on what’s allowed. Sparkles, ridiculous holiday cat sweaters and faux fur are completely legit holiday attire and not frowned upon. Have fun with it and embrace those things hiding in the back of your closet, even if they’re those awesome ugly sweaters in your grandma’s closet.
  5. Go out with your friends. There is a ton of wicked stuff to do around the holidays and not all of it’s for couples. Who says you can’t go to a Christmas market or winter festival with your friends instead? Get dressed in your coziest clothes, take pictures, and make memories.
  6. Buy new pajamas. I don’t know why this is so therapeutic, but it honestly is. There’s something warming about new pajamas and thankfully they’re in huge supply and always on sale around the holidays. It’s the perfect addition to your solo nights in watching nostalgic holiday movies.
  7. Get active. If you want to sulk around inside most of the time, that’s totally cool, but winter is a goldmine for fitness solitude since the gyms and fitness classes tend to be less crowded this time of year. Winter blues and seasonal depression is a very real thing and it’s amplified around the holidays for many people. If the idea of facing another holiday alone gets you down, take advantage of a local gym or some kind of group fitness class. It will make you feel better about indulging in those extra holiday treats and will release endorphins to instantly uplift your spirits.
  8. Be with your family. Whether your family is blood related, or a group of amazing friends, being with the people you most care about is truly the best part of the holidays. I know it can be crippling not having someone beside you to share your traditions with but remember; you are your own holiday tradition. You’ve been celebrating these things with yourself for your entire life and the lack of a relationship doesn’t make that any different.