Romantic Gestures That Will Melt Even The Toughest Woman’s Heart

When we meet a legitimate good guy who’s romantic in all the ways we’ve always wanted, sometimes we honestly don’t know how to handle it, and we keep our defenses high at first because we assume he must have some ulterior motive for being so great. As hard as we try to keep up our tough exteriors, there are some romantic gestures that will melt our hearts and bring our walls crashing down, revealing the inner vulnerability we hide from the world:

  1. We love the cute good morning text. Even if we’re cranky in the morning, we can’t help but feel all the butterflies when we see a text from him that says “Good morning, beautiful. Have a good day.” Yes, it’s just a simple text, but it’s so much more. It means that we’re the first person he thought of that morning and it was his top priority to let us know it. That’s true romance, and we love it.
  2. We’re intoxicated by the gentle forehead kiss while cuddling. We can’t even imagine when we’re single how much it’ll affect us, but there’s something so intimate about that forehead kiss when we’re cuddling with someone special. It’s even more intimate than sex because it’s innocent but meaningful at the same time. We love it because it’s a protective gesture, and it makes us feel like we don’t have to be so tough all the time because he won’t let anyone close enough to hurt us.
  3. We love it when he opens the door for us. Again, it’s a really simple gesture that means so much. While we go through life having manners, it seems like some men have completely lost theirs. Every strong woman can think of times when a guy literally let a door slam in her face, and that’s rude. We appreciate a little chivalry, especially since it’s so hard to find these days.
  4. We appreciate when he offers to help with something that takes 2 to accomplish. As strong women, our least favorite thing to do is to ask for help with anything. Unfortunately, there are things we can’t do completely our own, and we love it when a guy offers to help without us having to ask. It means that he really cares, and it makes us feel like he really wants to help, as opposed to agreeing because it would be too awkward to say no.
  5. We love it when he plans a date and all we have to do is be there. We’re strong and driven, so we’re always working on achieving our goals, and it kills us when guys pull the “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” game. We’re exhausted, and it’s so sexy when a guy has the foresight to plan a fun/romantic date without help. It shows that he’s capable of being both fun and romantic, and it takes the pressure off us.
  6. We’re impressed when he remembers things that are important to us. We’ve spent years building ourselves, and it gets our attention when a guy cares enough to ask about the big meeting we had at work that day or comment on our favorite team’s big game. These things are important to us, but the fact that they’re important to him means only one thing: that we’re important to him.
  7. We love it when he’s vulnerable too. It makes it so much less frightening to be vulnerable when we see that he’s letting his guard down too. We know how scary it is, and we know that it means the trust is working both ways now. Mutual vulnerability is the first step to the real deal, and that’s the ultimate goal when it comes to love.
  8. We’re blown away when he talks about the future and it includes us. After years of dating players who wouldn’t even commit to one more date, it’s truly mind-blowing to meet a man who sees a real future and isn’t afraid to talk about it. We know that the possibility of a future isn’t too much to ask for, but we’ve been conditioned by a constant stream of douchebags to believe that we’re “crazy” if we want a relationship that isn’t casual.
  9. We love it when he shares his passion. Everyone has a passion, and most are pursuing their passion in one form or another, but it can be a hobby that’s deeply personal. We understand that, and it means that we appreciate it so much when a guy lets us into his secret world.
  10. We’re impressed when he listens. Real conversation is vital to life and love, and that’s why we’re so turned off when we’re trying to have a real conversation with a guy and he either ignores us completely or grunts one-word answers. It’s disrespectful, and it pisses us off. When we meet a man who actively listens and contributes to the conversation, it’s wonderfully refreshing and romantic.
Anna Martin Yonk is a freelance writer and blogger in sunny North Carolina. She loves hanging out with her goofy husband and two rescue dogs and can be found at the beach with a drink in hand whenever possible. You can find her on Instagram @mrsyonkdogmom or on her Facebook page.