Romantic Things You Can Do For Yourself, No Partner Needed

There’s this misguided notion that you have to be in a relationship to experience romance and that’s just not true. Whether you’re looking for love and just haven’t found it yet or you’re happily on your own, there are plenty of romantic things you can do for yourself that will leave you feeling loved, appreciated, and your heart full. These are just some suggestions – feel free to add in your own!

Take yourself out to a fancy restaurant.

Sure, you could have a dating app match take you out to a fancy new restaurant in town, or you could just go on your own, no company needed. Be your own date! Make reservations for one and then go out and get whatever you want on the menu. Order a bottle of wine for the table and take your time savoring every bite. This is by far one of the most romantic things you can do for yourself.

Run yourself a candlelit bubble bath and relax.

There’s nothing better at the end of a long day at work than sinking into a warm bubble bath and letting all the day’s stress and drama melt away. Turn the lights down, light a few scented candles, silence your phone (or use it to put on some relaxing music) and just chill. When you get out, put on some comfortable yet luxurious pajamas to really complete the evening.

Buy yourself flowers from the greenmarket.

It doesn’t have to be the greenmarket – a local flower shop works too. It can be a bit cliche when a guy brings us flowers on a date but it’s always nice. After all, who doesn’t love seeing beautiful blooms brightening up their space? One of the most romantic things you can do for yourself is to buy a colorful arrangement or two and place them around your living space, whether it’s your office, living room, bedroom, or all of the above. They’ll make you smile every time you look at them.

Cook yourself a lavish homemade meal.

Maybe it’s a recipe you’ve always thought looked delicious but takes too long to make. Today’s the day! Buy the ingredients, prep your kitchen, and get cooking. Listen to some great music while you toil away in front of the stove and then feel smug and totally happy as you fill your plate when the cooking is done.

Buy yourself some new lingerie that makes you feel incredible.

Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t wear sexy lingerie, right? By sexy, I don’t mean you have to wear lace or a thong – it’s whatever makes you feel good in your own skin. Be a little romantic with yourself by heading out to the store and picking out a new bra and underwear that’s a little more expensive than you usually like to spend but that you absolutely love. You’ll be shocked at how much this can boost your mood.

Take a long walk through the park or along the river.

Make sure you’re doing this safely, of course, but get out there. Not only will the fresh air really do wonders for your emotional, mental, and physical health but you’ll also get to partake in the beauty of nature which is super romantic in and of itself.

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