Russian Cannibal Arrested After Headless Corpse Falls Out Of His Car

A cannibal was arrested in northern Russia after a headless corpse fell out of his car when he crashed into a road safety barrier in Sortavala. Yegor Komarov, 23, is said to have admitted to killing the 50-year-old businessman from St. Petersburg whose body was found in the car as well as another 38-year-old man in a local park, the Daily Mail reports. Apparently, his penchant for murder began because he was “curious about the taste of human flesh.”

Komarov tried to run away after the crash. When the headless body fell from the car, it was left laying on the road as Komarov and two other men ran into the woods. Investigators later determined that the men killed the businessman after they got into an argument and they planned to bury him in the forest.

He had no qualms about admitting what he’d done. According to reports, Komarov told police during questioning: “In general, I like killing people.” He then opened up about stabbing a man to death in a local park in order to taste his flesh.

Komarov cooked and ate the first man. “When he died, I gutted his neck and tasted the blood and meat,” he told police of the first attack. “But the meat was difficult to cut, as the knife was blunt, and I did not like the taste of his veins.” He added that before he got rid of the man’s body in a drainage pipe, he cut off his tongue and cooked it with butter but wasn’t a fan. “I tried it, but I didn’t like it,” he recalled. “But I probably would have liked another part of the body.”

His social media gave police an insight into Komarov’s rather unconventional tastes. Komarov’s profile on Russian social networking site Vkontakte revealed that he’s into “anarcho-primitivism” and “elixirs of immortality” as well as psychedelic music. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was no mention of his interest in cannibalism.

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