Sad Guy Sends Woman A Bill After She Says She’s Not Interested In Second Date — WTF?

If you’re single and actively looking for love, chances are you go on your fair share of first dates. Some are better than others, a few are downright disasters, and on the rare occasion, you find someone you like enough to actually want to see them again. Generally speaking, two people are usually on the same page about whether or not there’s any chemistry between them and if a first date doesn’t go any further, it tends to be mutual. So what happens when it isn’t?

That’s exactly what happened when 38-year-old Londoner Lucy Brown decided to get back in the dating pool after ending a three-year relationship. She agreed to go to dinner with an unnamed man she met on Plenty of Fish and while things went okay, Lucy knew after the date that she didn’t really see sparks and wasn’t interested in a second date. Unfortunately, he didn’t take it so well. In fact, he wanted his money back.

Here’s a screencap of the text Lucy received after trying to let this guy down gently:

Um, what? First of all, acting as though buying someone a meal or a few drinks entitles you to seeing them again is insane. Second of all, it sucks that he was disappointed by the fact that his feelings for Lucy weren’t reciprocated, but he’s apparently a grown man. Grow up!

Thankfully, Lucy got a good laugh out of the situation and sent him the following response:

Well, at least all’s well that ends well. But the messed up thing is that this isn’t even the first time something like this has happened. In fact, it’s happened many times before — and that’s just the stories that have actually been reported. What the hell is wrong with people?

Guys, listen up: if you want to treat a woman to dinner or a drink, fine — but that doesn’t mean we owe you anything. We’re more than happy to pay our own share and in fact, we’d rather do that than be subject to BS like this when things don’t work out.

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