Salami Roses Are The Romantic And Elegant Addition To Your Chartuterie Boards

I think it’s pretty clear by now that the one snack we can all agree is SO GOOD is the charcuterie board. Given how many variations there are on the theme — hot chocolate charcuterie boards, jarcuterie, barkcuterie for your dogs… the list goes on and on — there’s basically something out there for everyone. But where’s the romance? you ask. I’ll tell you: salami roses are the latest TikTok trend and boy am I ever on board.


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  1. Salami roses are exactly what they sound like. TikTok user @janelleelise was the one to bring this beautiful creation to life, illustrating how to make the elegant meat flower (sorry, I gagged a little too just typing that) and displaying it on her finished charcuterie board. If you’ve never thought about romance when eating cold cuts, you certainly will now. Using salami slices to make a rose is genius!
  2. So how do you make them? It’s pretty easy. You’ll need a wine glass to get started, and as she illustrates in the video, you simply layer the pieces of salami around the rim so that it overlaps and fold it down. Keep on layering to your desired thickness and then turn the glass over on your board to reveal the rose.
  3. This is such a simple way to make your charcuterie board fancy. Generally speaking, charcuterie boards don’t need to be cute to be delicious. The combination of meats, cheeses, breadsticks, olives, and everything else you can fit on speaks for itself. However, there’s no denying that a salami rose makes things just a little fancier and fun and would be great for a special occasion.
  4. Is salami art weird? Some people think so – they voiced in the comments that the idea of making something so elaborate with cured meat made them feel a bit uncomfortable, and while I kinda get it in theory, there’s no denying that these look awesome and taste great too.
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