Sangria Slushies Are The Summery Way To Enjoy Your Red Wine

When it comes to wine, I feel like it’s pretty obvious that red is for autumn and winter and whites and ros├ęs are for summer, right? That’s just common sense… or at least I thought it was. Then I discovered that Sangria Slushies are a thing and it totally opened my mind to a whole new way of drinking in the warm weather. Seriously, these are way too good.

  1. Sangria is a summery drink in and of itself. I’ve been to plenty of BBQs in which a big ol’ bowl of fruity sangria was on offer and I’ve happily indulged. However, if there were other boozy choices, I always went with something else because I couldn’t shake the cold weather feeling of the red wine. Clearly all I needed to do was add ice!
  2. Sangria Slushies couldn’t be easier to make. You technically only need four ingredients, six if you count garnishes. Not only that, but the directions pretty much consist of throwing everything in a blender until it’s all icy and delicious and then pouring in a glass and drinking. This is my kind of drink.
  3. Here’s what you need to pick up. The next time you hit up the grocery and/or liquor store, you’ll want to grab a bottle of red wine, some brandy, some freshly squeezed OJ (none of that from concentrate crap) and some honey. If you want the garnishes, which I do recommend as they add a little je ne sais quoi, then grab an orange and a lime while you’re at it.
  4. This does take a little prep work, admittedly. That’s because you pour the red wine into ice cube trays and freeze overnight or for at least six hours (maybe less if you have some kind of super freezer). Once they’re done, pop everything into a blender and in just a few seconds, you’ll have a delicious summery drink.

For the full recipe, visit Delish.

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