Why Sarcastic Women Are So Good At Dating & Make The Best Girlfriends

Sarcasm, when well-balanced, is a highly desirable trait because it reveals pretty awesome aspects of someone’s personality. Sarcastic women in particular have a valuable edge when it comes to the search for love, and they’re also really, really good at dating.

  1. They see through all the BS. Looking at the world through a sarcastic lens is a very useful survival skill. It gives them the ability to see through extraordinary amounts of dishonesty and grandiose claims in mere seconds. With a skill like that, there’s no need to sit around trying to decipher what a guy means hours after he said it — they already know what’s up.
  2. They’re laid-back and super chill. You’ll probably never encounter a highly strung sarcastic woman. Sarcastic women get that crap happens and they don’t let much get them down. Sure, they feel stress and all the effects of it, but they don’t let it make them lose it and they certainly don’t take it out on their friends, family or significant other. They just roll with it.
  3. They’re great judges of character. Sarcasm enables a person to pick up on small cues and behaviors that a more gullible person would likely miss. When you can see those things that easily, sorting through the undesirables of the dating world is easy. Sarcastic women don’t necessarily assume everyone they meet is full of crap, but when they do meet such a person, the game is over before it even starts. There’s no point in wasting your time with a crappy guy when you can see their true nature immediately.
  4. They see the humor in any situation. Sarcastic women see humor everywhere. Laughter is practically a part-time job for them. People like that are fun to date and fun to be around in general. No one wants to go out with a humorless sack of boring semi-human — it’s awkward, ridiculous, and the guy will probably think the emotionless girl sitting across from him is actually a robot.
  5. They’re pretty easy to get along with. No need to tread lightly with a sarcastic woman. She won’t freak out over little things or shine a spotlight on perceived flaws in another person. A relationship with a sarcastic woman is low-maintenance and fun, just like her personality.
  6. They make great friends. Sarcastic women aren’t afraid to say difficult things. They’ll be honest and give it to you straight instead of dancing around a touchy subject. They don’t do this to be losers, they do it because they care. This makes them loyal, reliable friends who will always have time to shoot the crap with you over a bottle of whiskey. A woman who’s a good friend will also be a good girlfriend.
  7. They don’t take themselves too seriously. Witty banter and playful teasing? No problem! To a sarcastic woman, flaws aren’t something to be ashamed of or self-conscious about — they’re just fodder for comedy. Everything is fair game, and they aren’t afraid to dish it right back.
  8. They’ve got their own lives and don’t get clingy. Sarcastic women want to date, but they don’t need to. They’re comfortable with themselves and enjoy their own lives just as much as the one they build with guys. A sarcastic woman’s confidence comes from within, not from exterior sources. Because of that, they’re capable of standing on their own and adding positive things to a relationship.

Why they make the best girlfriends

  1. They’re great at diffusing tension. Tensions run high sometimes, both in life and in relationships. Sarcasm is a great way to help diffuse that piled stress, but it takes a careful tongue to make it work. After all, sometimes sarcasm can be too cutting and just make things worse! Sarcastic women are fluent in the language of sarcasm. It’s a part of who they are and how they communicate! This means they have enough tact and empathy to tailor their sarcasm to the situation. The result is lowered tension and the chance to laugh instead of scowl!
  2. They’re creative and will make you more creative too. Sarcasm exercises the brain and requires wit. Because of that, sarcastic women are incredibly creative, with quick-thinking minds that jump on opportunities to deliver a humorous but biting remark. Not only will a sarcastic woman wow you with her comedy, but she’ll also make you more creative with her! Bantering with a sarcastic woman means you need to think outside the box and keep up, and your brain will be better for it.
  3. They toughen you up. Sarcastic women have a unique way of looking at the world. They’ll hear an insult and snap back and they’ll see your mistakes and call you out. They’re not one to take things lying down. Dating a woman like this will get you used to hearing some tough love, and it’ll also teach you to take a leaf out of her book. She’ll shrug off haters with a laugh and a joke and you can too.
  4. They’re honest with you. You’ll never have to guess where you stand with a sarcastic woman. They’re honest and direct, delivering harsh truths and tough love with a smile and a wink. Honesty is crucial in relationships, and it’s an area many partners struggle with. It’s tough to not sugarcoat things when it comes to those you love. If your girlfriend is sarcastic, you won’t have to worry about that nearly as much.
  5. They don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s not a bad thing to be serious and it’s necessary sometimes. But let’s face it – life’s way less fun when you’re always solemn or negative. Sarcastic women know this well, and it’s why they use this quality. It allows them to take things more lightly and view them in more positive – and sometimes even comedic! – ways. They laugh at themselves, others, and situations, teaching you that it’s okay to laugh too!
  6. They’re funny and will make you funnier. Sarcastic women are hilarious. That barbed tongue and sharp mind always lead to at least a good chuckle. By being around funny people, you learn to be funnier yourself. It’s like osmosis!
  7. They don’t bother with passive-aggression. Passive-aggression is a common negative trait that comes out to play in relationships. It’s a really awful form of almost anti-communication. Sarcastic women don’t bother with passive-aggression because sarcasm delivers their messages aptly. They express how they feel in a way you understand the seriousness of, but with a lower risk of escalation. No more silent treatment or sideways speech – you’ll know what you’ve done and you’ll get served with a side of wit.
  8. They make you reflect on yourself. Sarcastic remarks can be nothing but comedic, but many times, they’re vehicles for reflection. When you hear a woman say something sarcastic to you, you pause, trying to better understand the meaning in that statement. A sarcastic woman knows how to deliver information in a way that sticks with you, without being cruel. You’ll be more receptive to hearing her words, and it’ll make you think!
  9. They’re confident in themselves. Sadly, we must face the truth about society – women who are sarcastic are often marked as bossy or domineering. Women who do dare to be sarcastic have learned to overcome those marks of discrimination. They’re confident and they find their confidence through sarcasm. In uncomfortable situations, even when they’re feeling a little insecure, confident women know how to build themselves back up via sarcasm. Their expert manner of diffusing situations and elevating themselves is something to marvel at!

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Challenges sarcastic women face in the dating world

If you’re one of the sarcastic women we’ve been referring to throughout this article, chances are you relate to a few of these struggles as you try to find love.

  1. No one has a sense of humor. You love a guy that can make you laugh. Too bad guys don’t get your sense of humor. You deliver a great line and you get nothing, except maybe a look of confusion or annoyance. Wow, so fun!
  2. You think you’re hilarious, even if he doesn’t. The situation gets even worse when you can’t help but giggle. You know it’s hard to tell whether you’re being serious or sarcastic sometimes, so you laugh a little to help a guy out. Somehow, that only makes him want to end the night even earlier.
  3. You get annoyed when they don’t get it. Yay! Another guy who doesn’t get you at all. After you fire a few quick-witted comments his way and get nothing in return, you start to get annoyed. You have a life too and dating a boring idiot is just a waste of time.
  4. First dates scare off easily. He seems so excited at first. Fast forward about an hour and he’s already trying to end things early. Is there something in your teeth? You can’t help my biting wit sometimes. See what you did there? Poor little guys and their fragile little egos.
  5. You can’t make yourself pretend to care. You’ve got better things to do than pretend you care about offending someone. You thought by the time you’re in your 20s and 30s, you’d all have thicker skins. Why can’t guys just chill out?
  6. Guys run when you call them out on their BS. With great sarcasm comes a great BS detector. It’s kind of like your second superpower. He can go ahead and brag about how big he is or how women can’t resist him. With each word, the will to leave grows stronger.
  7. You can’t help it if you’re not smiling like an idiot. You hate small talk, but it’s part of dating, so you’re game. He just can’t expect you to smile like some idiot just to impress him. Your resting bitch face is all he’s getting unless he says something funny, charming, or otherwise interesting.
  8. Guys just think you’re being a bitch. You know the face. All sarcastic women know that look. It’s the moment when he mistakes sarcasm for bitchiness. Yeah, instant dealbreaker.
  9. You’re not a bitch, you’re creative. Do guys know how hard it is to come up with one sarcastic comeback after another? Sure, they set you up perfectly sometimes, but it takes a highly creative mind to be sarcastic. If they didn’t judge so soon, they might’ve gotten to see how creative you could really be.
  10. Guys take things way too seriously. What happened to the days when you could liven up a conversation with sarcasm without everyone freaking out? You make an offhand comment about politics and suddenly your date goes off about how you’re the problem. Apparently, you’ve single-handedly ruined the country. Who knew?
  11. You do sometimes say things without thinking. You can’t help it if your brain goes on auto-pilot sometimes. Of course, you can’t resist a great setup, either. You’ll admit you should probably keep some of yourremarks to myself at first, but why hide who you are?
  12. Yes, you do have a hard time taking compliments. OK, so you love compliments, but he wouldn’t realize it. A guy tells you that you look great, so you tell him he must need glasses. It’s your sarcastic way of saying “thank you.”
  13. You really don’t mean to be mean to him. You hate being looked at like you’re some horrible Disney villain. You’re not trying to be mean to him. In his head, you’re being funny or he’s annoyed you and you’re making sure he doesn’t ask for a second date. You guess too much sarcasm can ruin a good thing.
  14. You just want him to play, too. This is one of the biggest dating struggles of sarcastic women. You’re being sarcastic so that he’ll be sarcastic, too. It’s like verbal foreplay. All you want is to see that he has a great sense of humor, too.
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