A Dedicated Schitt’s Creek Fan Made A Montage Of Alexis Saying ‘David’ Over And Over Again And It’s Incredible CBC

A Dedicated Schitt’s Creek Fan Made A Montage Of Alexis Saying ‘David’ Over And Over Again And It’s Incredible

Schitt’s Creek may be over but it feels like it’s even more popular now than it was when the show was on the air. I’m thrilled! It’s easily one of the funniest, most absurd comedy series ever to air, and absolutely everyone involved in it is brilliant. One of the best parts of the show has to be how often Alexis says David’s name. I’m not alone in thinking that, because one superfan actually created a video montage of this happening time and time again, and it’s mesmerizing.

How can you not laugh at Annie Murphy? The actress who plays Alexis, Annie Murphy, is just so funny. She has this way of being able to make you laugh with just a single word, even if that word isn’t really funny in and of itself (i.e. “David”). The fact that Dan Levy, who plays David, is just as deadpan is just pure perfection. Insert chef’s kiss here.

There are so many iterations of David’s name being said. We’re talking “It’s like a witch’s house in here, David!” and “David, dad’s poor right now.” Plus, how could we ever forget “You’re like a big dirty racoon, David” and “You try parallel parking in a burka, David”? Every last one of them is equally hilarious.

For more examples, you’ll need to watch the video. To be fair, it’s only 1 minute and 37 seconds long, which isn’t nearly enough, but it is the best 1 minute and 37 seconds you’ll spend probably all week, so go for it. Then binge-watch all of Schitt’s Creek again if you haven’t already because it’s incredible.

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