Screw Prince Charming — Here’s What A Real Unicorn Guy Is Like

If you’re still looking for Prince Charming, you’re going to be waiting a long time. As nice as it is to believe that a fairy tale love might exist, it looks a lot different in real life than it does in Disney movies. That’s not to say your unicorn doesn’t exist, just that he’ll probably be less of a knight in shining armor and have more of these qualities instead:

  1. He has a job and a savings account. These days, guys are too busy swinging their penises around and prolonging their party boy days to get a decent job and start a nest egg for the future. If you find a guy that has his finances and career locked down, don’t take it lightly. It’s sexy AF when a guy has ambition and plans for his future — it means he’s stable, at least professionally.
  2. His castle is a condo and he actually cleans it. You won’t find crumpled up fast food bags among the filth on his bedroom floor because he’s a grown man who keeps his house in order. His bachelor pad days are over — he takes pride in his living space and he actually gives a crap about impressing the woman in his life.
  3. He cooks and does his own laundry. His mom isn’t still washing his undies and he actually knows the difference between air and tumble dry. SWOON. Not only this, but when he’s done washing his man delicates, he can actually cook you an edible meal that doesn’t come from a box. DOUBLE SWOON. It’s not that you wouldn’t be happy to pitch in on household responsibilities, but knowing that it’s not expected that you’d handle everything because he doesn’t know how is a major turn-on.
  4. He really respects you, and not just because he’s trying to get laid. The unicorn guy is the guy who’s polite simply because he’s a decent human being and not because he’s just trying to get into your pants. He respects you and any boundaries or things you might have reservations about in the beginning. He’s dating you because he thinks you’re a prize and he wants to earn you.
  5. His mother raised him right. The guy who not only has manners but has his act together and can fend for himself is the guy who’s mother did an A+ job. If you get the honor of meeting her, make sure you thank her for her man raising mastery.
  6. His communication skills are on point. He’s not some little player that takes forever to get back to you or to make a concrete plan for another date. He makes himself clear and he doesn’t take a good woman for granted. He knows he’s lucky AF to have your attention and he wants to keep it that way.
  7. You don’t have to wonder where you stand — he makes his feelings clear. You don’t need to spend hours and countless bottles of wine with girlfriends trying to analyze his crappy texts or how he feels about you because he makes it crystal clear in the way that he treats you. He keeps calling. He keeps making plans. He tells you you’re beautiful. In other words, he’s not a little boy — he’s a grown man.
  8. He makes you feel alive, not anxious and confused. When you’re with the unicorn guy, you’re nothing but ecstatic to be in his company. He makes you genuinely happy and you continue that same high even when you’re apart. You’re not left wondering or worried that something could go wrong or that he’s being all kinds of shady. He plays it straight, and that’s worth being grateful for.
  9. You’re always having fun with him, even if you’re doing nothing at all. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing because there’s never any shortage of laughter and comfort. Whether you’re binge watching every documentary you can find on Netflix or simply sipping on your morning coffees together, it just feels plain awesome. He’s content with just you and the mood carries into you- there are no games.
  10. He brings out the best in you. He’s the guy who brings out the best parts of you always and makes you want to better yourself even more because he makes you feel confident in the way he treats and adores you. It’s more than just smiling and laughing, he gives you genuine positive vibes and encourages you to go after your wildest dreams.
  11. He never gets so comfortable that he takes you for granted. He shows you that he cares about you and every time you reciprocate the kindness he gives you, he shows his respect and gratitude. He knows what he has when he has you and he’s not about to screw it all up with any BS behavior. He’s mature and it’s sexy.