Seagull Steals Food Right Out Of Man’s Mouth And People Are Losing It

If you don’t live in a place frequented by seagulls, consider yourself lucky. They’re annoying at best, crowding around you when you’re eating food, and downright aggressive to get that food from you at worst. However, while they’re generally opportunistic about their dietary habits, grabbing fries that are sitting on a ledge or even eating garbage, one man experienced their wrath when they stole his KFC right out of his mouth as he was eating it! Thankfully, the incident was caught on video and posted to social media, as you do.


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  1. The guy was just trying to enjoy his KFC wrap. TikToker Sophie Ellen McGill posted the clip, which showed her friend Matthew standing in a parking lot and eating a KFC wrap. He was simply minding his own business and trying to satiate his hunger when the seagull decided to get involved.
  2. The bird just straight up stole the food out of his mouth. All of a sudden, the seagull swoops in and literally grabs the wrap right out of Matthew’s mouth without warning. The nerve of this seagull!
  3. People who saw the video were in shock. Many couldn’t believe that seagulls could be so brazen, with one person writing, “THE AUDACITY. OMG I’d be fuming.” Another added: “I’d be raging,” while a third commented, “IT ACTUALLY GOT INSIDE HIS MOUTH.” Yes, it is pretty shocking and pretty gross, to boot.
  4. Bottom line? Protect your food. If you’re in an area that seagulls tend to frequent, be very careful. You just might lose your lunch to them!
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