‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4 Is Happening, Jason Oppenheim Confirms

‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4 Is Happening, Jason Oppenheim Confirms Netflix

Pretty much everyone I know is obsessed with Selling Sunset, and for good reason: it’s amazing. For a reality series that’s supposed to be selling luxury properties in Los Angeles, it’s incredibly addicting because it’s about so much more. If you love dramatic reality series, you no doubt love this show and will be thrilled to know that Selling Sunset Season 4 is definitely happening.

  1. Jason Oppenheim confirmed the news himself. Appearing on Good Morning Britain in the UK, Oppenheim revealed that Season 4 of Selling Sunset isn’t just happening, but it will also include the full cast when it’s back on screens. Score!
  2. Sadly, it hasn’t started filming yet. Like many movies and TV shows, the coronavirus pandemic has meant that production has either stalled or never started, and that’s the case here. In order to keep the cast and crew safe, Oppenheim and co. are holding off on filming just yet, but at least we know it’s happening! “We can expect we’ll be moving forward as soon as possible, but filming is very difficult now here in LA… everything has been delayed,” Oppenheim explained.
  3. When it does happen, it’ll be worth it. While a lot of people were worried about the whole split brokerage thing, assuming it meant that half the cast would up and disappear, Brett Oppenheim insists that’s not the case. “Honestly, we’ve been working together in close quarters for so long, I don’t think that’s going to change,” he said. What a relief! “I’m sure there’s been moments where we’ve both thought of doing that… but no.”


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