Sending Nudes Doesn’t Make Me Easy — It Makes Me Feel Sexy

It doesn’t matter how many racy photos I have hidden in my camera roll or who I send them to — I’m not ashamed of my sexuality. Sure, there’s always the chance that someone I don’t want to see them will, but if I’m sending a picture of my body to a guy I’m seeing, I trust him to keep it private. That doesn’t mean I have bad judgment; it just means I’m comfortable with my sexuality.

It makes me feel empowered.

More women should embrace the body that they were born with. I’ve spent way too many years criticizing every aspect of myself. Now that I’ve learned to love my body, I’m not afraid to show it off.

It’s not all for him.

I’m not sending nudes, because a man begged and pleaded for them. I’m sending them, because I like taking them, I like looking at them, and I like the reaction I get from them. I do it for me more than I do it for him.

The female body shouldn’t be taboo.

You’ve heard about the “free the nipple campaign,” where people are fighting against the fact that men can show their nipples, but women can’t. Mothers aren’t even allowed to breastfeed their babies in certain places. The restrictions we have on our own bodies are ridiculous.

I’m not reckless.

I don’t send out nudes to every man I meet on Tinder. I only send them to guys I’m dating who have already proved to me that they can be trusted. I’m careful about who I choose to send my photos to, because I don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands.

Nudes aren’t a new thing.

People were taking racy snapshots years ago, except they actually had to go to a professional photographer to do a boudoir shoot. Our technology just makes taking nudes a little more convenient and a lot less awkward.

Nudes can be tasteful.

You don’t have to bend over into some provocative position while you’re butt naked. There’s a classy way to take nudes. You can make them look like artwork instead of like sex online.

There’s more nudity on the beach.

Some nude pictures aren’t as provocative as the bathing suits you’ll see on the sand. Women expose a lot of their boobs and butts in summer, so if I want to send a private picture to a man I like, it shouldn’t be considered easy.

Sexting is better with pictures.

If you really want to turn someone on, words aren’t enough. Pictures will amp up their pleasure. Besides, if you send a sexy picture, you’ll usually get a sexy picture back. 

I’m not hurting anyone.

I’m not sending nudes to men who are already taken or men who don’t seem interested in me. I’m only sending them to men who want them. How is that a bad thing?

It’s just plain fun.

 Walking around while wearing lingerie is always enjoyable. It boosts my confidence and makes me feel like a supermodel. That’s why I have as much fun taking nudes as men have looking at them.

I don’t care what other people think.

You can call me easy if it makes you feel better about yourself. It doesn’t make a difference to me. I’m happy with who I am, which means I don’t need your approval in order to make it through the day.

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