About 15% Of Breakups Happen Because Of ‘Series Cheating’ Netflix

About 15% Of Breakups Happen Because Of ‘Series Cheating’

Sure, being able to binge-watch the latest Netflix series with your partner is one of the best parts of being in a relationship, but surely it’s still cool to watch stuff on your own, right? Apparently not, since a new survey has revealed that 15% of breakups happen because of something called “series cheating.”

What’s “series cheating” anyway? It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: you and your partner are watching a show together and whether because they’re working late or just dragging their heels on catching up with new episodes, you go on without them. Boom! You’re guilty of series cheating.

Is this really cause for a breakup? According to a survey by Barclays, unfortunately, yes. One in six people reported that they’d gotten in an argument with their partners over ‘series cheating’ and 15% said they ended their relationship over the betrayal.

People are spending a lot more on streaming these days. The British survey found that the average UK resident was happy to spend about £11.70 ($15) a month on streaming services, which is 8.3% more than in 2018. Of course, many Americans spend likely double or even triple that, especially when you factor in Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, HBO Now, Apple TV+, and the myriad other services available. It adds up!

British television is getting more and more popular. And that’s not just within the UK! You only have to look at the popularity of series like The Great British Bake-Off, The Crown, and Sex Education in America to see just how popular UK TV is getting around the world.

But seriously, stop breaking up over TV. I’m sure many people would say this is about principle. After all, you and your partner may have started watching a show together and it quickly became Your Thing. So, when they watch new episodes without you, it seems like they’re taking away from your relationship in some way. That’s not true! It’s TV and it’s really not that serious. Calm down.

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