Server Stirs Controversy After Sharing How Boomers Leave Tables Compared To Gen Z Diners

I feel like it goes without saying that service industry workers are overworked, underpaid, and not shown the respect and courtesy they deserve. While younger generations appreciate this and tend to act accordingly, one server has pointed out that Boomers don’t tend to have the same attitudes when dining out. Her TikTok video showing the way tables are left by different generations sparked debate and some lively conversation, that’s for sure.

  1. Older generations tend to look down on service industry workers. The general attitude is, “They’re getting paid to clean up after me – that’s their job.” While that’s a generalization and obviously not the case across the board, TikToker @KateBrande says it’s a common occurrence at the restaurant where she works.
  2. Boomers leave the tables an absolute mess. After they finish eating, they just leave things right where they are, expecting the server and bus boys/girls to come and clean up after them. This is a stark contrast to how Gen Z diners behave, Kate points out.
  3. Gen Z diners are more respectful and thoughtful. They know that working at a restaurant is a hard job and want to do what they can to make the server’s job easier. In the clip, Kate shows off a table where younger diners had stacked all the plates and placed everything at the edge of the table to make cleaning up easier. “They get paid to do that VS we know restaurant life is hard here, let us help you out,” Kate captioned the video.
  4. A lot of commenters actually disagreed with Kate. The Boomers weren’t having the slander against their generation and truly believed they shouldn’t have to clean up. “It’s not a customer’s job to clean the table… don’t be lazy. I have worked in the industry and never expected anyone to do my job,” one person wrote. Another wrote, “What are you saying though? It’s your job either way, just saying.”
  5. However, other servers agreed that a little courtesy goes a long way. “It doesn’t matter even if they do get paid for it, it helps staff out especially if it is hella busy and they don’t get as much money as you think,” one wrote. Another added: “There is definitely a difference between generations!! I always stack and clean up and leave a good tip. I know what it’s like.”
  6. Kate said she wasn’t trying to stir up controversy. However, she did think it was an interesting behavioral difference that was worth pointing out. “I posted it because I thought it was ironic since older people always expect respect,” she told Buzzfeed. “I’m not saying I expect people to ever stack their plates like that, because hey, I’m a person too. I want to go out and eat and not worry about the dishes or anything. All I’m saying is it was cool and helpful of the younger people, and I appreciated it.”

“They get paid to do that” VS “we know restaurant life is hard, here, let us help you out”

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