‘Sex And The City’ Would Be A Different Show In The Tinder Era

Carrie Bradshaw lived in the glory days of dating — before the days of Tinder and OK Cupid, when a guy at least broke up with you on a Post-It note instead of just ghosting. They still had their ups and downs with men and ended up with broken hearts in their search for love, but I can’t help but wonder what the show would be like if it was on now, instead. Here’s how Sex and the City would have been different if it took place in the Tinder era.

  1. Mr. Big would have eventually become a left swipe. You either loved or hated Big, but the truth is, after witnessing several of his failed attempts at a relationship with Carrie, we all got sick of his BS. Big is like that ex-boyfriend you come across on Tinder. You remember there was good there, and you might kind of miss him, but you have way more options now, so you swipe left.
  2. Samantha would be a Tinder addict. Penis pictures would be a non-issue to Samantha Jones; in fact, she probably would be thrilled about the prospects. She also likely would have never dated that tiny penis guy, James, because she would have gotten to see the goods beforehand. No gherkin, no problems!
  3. Carrie would have married Aidan. If Carrie ever had to deal with the types of bad dates and failed attempts at love that Tinder and other online dating platforms have provided, she would have 100% married Aidan, because let’s face it – he was the dream guy. You just don’t find Aidan Shaws on Tinder these days.
  4. Charlotte would probably lose her mind. Charlotte once had a dating meltdown in which she shouted, “I’ve been dating since I was 15. I’m exhausted! Where is he?!” over brunch with the girls. Imagine if she had tried to find her Prince Charming among all the penis pictures and commitment-phobes of the new millennium? I’m pretty sure she would have lost her marbles. Eventually, though, I think she would have moved on to JDate after failing at nearly every other online dating platform and found her Harry.
  5. Berger would have ghosted Carrie. Instead of the infamous Post-It note breakup, Carrie’s short-term love affair with a fellow writer, Jack Berger, would have just ignored Carrie’s texts ever again as a means of breaking up with her like our modern day ghosters. He also wouldn’t have been the first guy to do this to her.
  6. Miranda and Steve would still have ended up together. It’s pretty rare that you sleep with a cute bartender after a night of cocktails and end up marrying him, but Miranda and Steve would have likely had that rare Tinder luck, anyway. It’s not to say that they wouldn’t have still had their relationship issues, but they would be that relationship success story and urban relationship myth that keeps us all in the game to keep trying our own luck.
  7. They would all have dated a lot more. If you thought the girls dated a lot in the show, it’s nothing compared to what it would have been like if they had the city of eligible Manhattan men right at their fingertips. The morning breakfast gossip sessions would be filled with comparing Tinder matches and discussing upcoming dates while reciting message strings with the bachelors of the moment.
  8. Carrie’s column would be renamed. To “Tinder and the City” – seriously, why isn’t this an actual show yet?