Sex Moves He Says He’s Not In to But Secretly Loves

For a long time, men have taken on the role of sexual spectator, leaving much of the exploration to women. With the millennial generation now beginning to explore and claim the world for themselves, many men are now stepping outside the traditional barriers and looking to explore a new sexual world. For those who like cutesy nicknames for body parts and their functions, it’s time to look away or strap on some big girl panties because this is going to get technical.

  1. Find His G-Spot. The Universe played a cruel trick when it put the male G-spot in such a delicate area. For every man that says they cringe at the thought of any rear action not involving the female kind, there is an equal number eager to give it a go. As tempting as it is ladies to launch yourself at the idea, let’s face it how many times has the thought crossed your mind as the perfect payback, the key words here are patience and lubricant. By gently massaging the prostate, the small bulby thing inside his anus you can have him skyrocketing through the ceiling with very little effort.
  2. Role Play. Many men find the idea of a female dressing up and playing out a fantasy for them erotic. But few would admit to wanting to take it the next step and role play them self.  Many adult stores now stock a large range of men’s sizes in their costumes and for those who want to keep it on the extreme down low the wonders of the internet can be your best ally.
  3. Pucker Up And KissIt’s the stuff of legends. Men talk about it in the locker room but not all have been lucky enough to experience it. Take it back old school with Snowball and Rainbow kisses. It’s every man’s fantasy of cumming in his girl’s mouth with a twist. After ejaculating he kisses her, the idea being that his cum gets rolled back and forward between the two using their mouth and tongue. Rainbow kissing follows the same logic with the added inclusion of menstruation blood. Forewarned is Forearmed.
  4. Explore Pain Thresholds. There is a very fine line between pain and pleasure. Pinching, biting, scratching are popular bedroom inclusions. But sometimes men want more. Thanks again to the accessibility of adult shops, restraints and clamps are staking their claim on the popularity list. Remember to be mindful when exploring this particular one. Don’t get to carried away and forget that some people have a limit.
  5. Take Control. As the more traditionally dominant gender, it is generally expected that the man takes charge and guides what happens. Why not give him the night off and let him explore his vulnerable side. A surprising number of men actually like exploring this side to their personality. On the flip side, this is a great opportunity for you to explore your dominant side by instructing and if needed, demonstrating exactly how you want it done.
  6. Turn On The TV. Watching porn seems to have fallen out of fashion. Or, at least fallen out of mentionable fashion. Once upon a time couples would curl up in bed and watch the newest adult flick. Now, it’s a hidden taboo he watches on his phone while hiding in the toilet. Help bring him, and his phone, out of hiding and prepare a special screening while tucked up in bed one night. Take it one step further and allow him to watch while you perform the same acts on him. Every man dreams of a porn star girlfriend, make his night.
  7. Don’t Wait To Be Asked. Manners are great, except in the bedroom. Why wait for him to ask for something. Take control and just go for it. Nobody wants to pause mid-romp every few minutes to give directions. Show him what you’re made of and let him enjoy the ride. If he doesn’t enjoy something you’re doing, you can be guaranteed that he will make it known. And if he does, well you’re in for a night to remember.
  8. Don’t Forget The Boobs. Everybody loves boobs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re gay, straight or lie in between, boobs are hypnotic. Forget the old hand job and offer him up a whole new surface to get creative on. Pearl necklaces were once prized for more than being a fancy piece of jewelry. Considered as dated as the porn industry, many keep this one filed in the back of their mind as an opportunistic want. Bare in mind for both parties sake lubricant is a must. Friction can be a bitch.
  9. Speak Up. This is not the time to put on the church mouse act unless of course, you’re both into that. Play into his dominate fantasy and let him know what you want and where. Most men love to hear their partners voice during sex but are reluctant to ask them to be so vocal. There is nothing more erotic than being told how to do it. If you’re not quite able to muster words into sentences voice your pleasure in grunts and groans. A word to the wise here, he’s going to love it, your 80-year-old neighbor may have a different view on it so keep your window closed or your TV volume up.
  10. Don’t Ignore His Need For Intimacy After. Let’s face it, it’s hardly seen as ruggedly manly when you’re curled into the fetal position asking to be cuddled. Save him the embarrassment and just offer it up without him needing to ask. Men have feelings too and sometimes those feelings need after sex cuddles.


Maggie is a freelance writer based in Perth, Western Australia. When she isn't swigging wine straight from the bottle, she is busy procrastinating on her housework. Currently working on her first novel, she is also the creator of The Reverse Housewife and regular contributor to Hub Garden.