Creepy ‘Sex Robot Swap Shop’ Offers Fetishists Used Sex Dolls For Sale And Trade

Fetishists can buy used sex dolls online at a deep discount on a website called Galmato Heaven. The shop specializes in the sale of “pre-loved” sex dolls, offering repairs of broken dolls and deluxe “spa day” experiences for them so that they’re sent back in pristine condition. If you’re in the market for a new AI companion, this is the site for you.

  1. The “spa day” experience gives your dolls the star treatment. As the website advertises: “She won’t get a mud bath or cucumber on the eyes, but she will have every minor-and-major injury repaired, from nicks and pokes to limb breaks. Her make-up, nails and body coloration will be restored; and her joints will be tightened. She’ll be treated like the princess she is and come home to you freshly powdered, rejuvenated, and ready to make you feel like you did the day she arrived for the first time.”
  2. There’s a “Certified Pre-Owned” section too. That’s where visitors can go to buy secondhand dolls to add to their collection at much lower prices than they would pay if bought brand new. The prices range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the model and what the doll offers. The condition of each of the dolls is explained in detail so sellers know what they’re getting into.
  3. There are even doll heads on their own, if that’s your thing. If you don’t want or need a full sex doll body, there’s a section of the shop where you can simply buy the head. Do with that what you will.
  4. Galmato Haven is doing some pretty big business. It’s clear things are going well on the shop as many of the dolls sell out quickly after they’re listed on the site. That means if you want your pick of what’s on offer, you’ll have to be fast. Happy shopping!

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