I Went To A Sex & Wellness Class And I Highly Recommend It

This week, I attended a forum in NYC put on by a women’s wellness center and learned everything I never knew about sex, the vagina, and how to have the best experience possible. Here’s why I think this type of class should be mandatory for everyone.

  1. You can ask a human instead of the internet.We’ve all done that late-night “I think I have something, let me Google it” thing. There is a crazy amount of “information” available that can confirm whatever hypothesis you have, but most of the time it’s pretty misguided.  The great thing about taking a wellness class is that you can talk to a professional who has years of experience and will listen to your unique question rather than basing everything off of an internet search.
  2. Sexual health should be a priority. There’s a lot of emphasis in the media and publishing on our physical and mental health, while our sexual health is often shushed, overlooked, or seen as taboo. We need to make our sexuality and sexual health a priority in our daily lives and ensure that we are operating at our fullest potential both health-wise and pleasure-wise. There isn’t a better way to do this than to invest in educating yourself on the topic through a professionally-led class.
  3. You should be enjoying sex. I’m a firm believer in enjoying every part of your life, which includes your sex life. If you’re experiencing pain, weird side effects, or are having trouble getting into it, that’s a problem, and chances are you can fix it by asking a professional. There’s no shame in seeking answers, but there is shame in suffering and doing nothing about it. You should be enjoying it just as much as your partner, and if you aren’t, there are plenty of classes and professionals who can help you identify and correct the problem.
  4. It’s not too late to start, and if you’re reading this, it’s not too early either. If you’ve gone through puberty, you’re ready to start educating yourself about sex and your sexual health. You have a lifetime to improve your knowledge base and learn from experience, but if you start educating yourself on what’s at stake in terms of your health and wellness, then you will have fewer problems down the road and can learn how to keep operating at your optimal level for longer.
  5. It’s less formal than going to see a doctor and classier than some other alternatives. Thankfully, there are more options today than there were five years ago that allow us to learn about our sexual health in an environment that is both inspiring and educational. You don’t have to go to some kinky, red-walled room to get answers to your questions, and as long as it’s not a serious health concern, you don’t have to go to your doctor to ask questions and explore ways you can optimize your personal experiences.
  6. Every stage matters. It is crazy to think that the best years of your life exist only in one or two decades. If you’re like me, you aren’t planning on giving up on living life to the fullest when you turn 40 or start having kids. As for me, I want to live life to the fullest until my dying breath. In order to do this, I know I’ll need to prepare myself for the process of aging and educate myself on what needs to be done in order to stay strong and healthy. These wellness classes offer this type of training for every stage from dating to motherhood to post-menopause classes that can help us all live our best lives until the very end.
  7. It’s necessary even if it’s not necessary yet. Even if everything is going well, you can still benefit from taking a wellness class. In fact, as my teacher in boarding school used to say, “prior planning prevents poor performance.” Although she was definitely referring to my SAT scores and not my sex life, I think this saying couldn’t be more appropriate and applicable.
  8. It’s selfish NOT to. I know, I know, if you don’t have kids yet, it’s hard to think about them or prepare for them. But what if you could have helpful advice to give to your kids when they started asking? What if you did the work now to educate yourself and overcome your hangups so that when someone comes to you for advice, you can either give it to them or at least point them in the direction of someone who can help? Resourcing yourself and getting good at life isn’t just about you, it’s about being the best you can be so that you can help others become the best they can be.
  9. You have zero excuses for tolerating a below-average life. This day, this minute, this life is yours to curate into the life you imagine. Take this minute to ask yourself in what areas you might be letting life happen to you instead of being the master and chief curator. You can enjoy the best life has to offer and keep enjoying it for as long as you want to, but that’s up to you. You can have the life, the body, the relationships, and the career you want, but that’s up to your willingness to seek answers and commit to making it work.
  10. Knowledge is power. You never know whether or not the problem you’ve been having is normal until you ask about it in front of a group of women. You might need to be a little brave, but when you’re willing to put your blushing face under the spotlight and ask your questions, you open yourself up to a wealth of knowledge and a power that you can use for the rest of your life.
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