What Sexting Is Like From A Woman’s Point Of View

What Sexting Is Like From A Woman’s Point Of View ©iStock/mapodile

Sexting is a major turn-on for men. That’s why they try to turn every conversation into a sexual one. However, for women, sexting is a little more complicated. Sometimes we love it and sometimes we just want to get it over with. On a normal day, this is what sexting is like from a woman’s point of view:

  1. We’re not going to give you the full truth. We’ll claim that we’re wearing a sexy red thong to bed when we’re really wearing our granny panties underneath our ripped, flannel pajamas. We’re liars, but who cares? We’re still giving our men a great mental image.
  2. We’ll take tons of pictures before sending one. If we’re in the mood to send nudes, we aren’t going to be using the first photo we take. We’ll have to put ourselves into a bunch of different positions to try to get the best angle of our bodies. We want to look our best.
  3. We don’t actually want to do all the things we say. The goal of sexting is to turn the other person on. That’s why we’ll get caught up in the moment and text him about butt sex, threesomes, and a bunch of other crazy things we have no intention of doing in real life. It’s all talk.
  4. We’re usually not as turned on as we claim we are. Even when we say that we’re touching ourselves, we probably aren’t. It’s hard to hold our phones and masturbate at the same time. We just want our men to think they’re turning us on, even though we’re probably just sitting on the couch eating chips with a dead expression.
  5. Bad grammar will automatically ruin the mood. If it’s a rare occasion where we’re actually turned on while sexting, using shorthand to say he “can’t wait 2 make u cum” will ruin the mood. So will bad grammar. Intelligence is sexy. The inability to use a keyboard is not.
  6. Penis pictures tend to be disappointing. We’ve seen our fair share of penis pics. We’ve even gotten them from men we weren’t actually dating. So if a guy is going to send us a picture of his junk, he better get the lighting and the angles right. If we take multiple photos until we look our best, he should do the same.
  7. It’s never fun when the conversation is one-sided. Sexting shouldn’t feel like a game of fifty questions. However, some men will ask us what we’re wearing, what we want them to do to us, and what we want to do to them. Meanwhile, they won’t send anything but eggplant emojis. They want us to do all the work.
  8. Some sexts are more funny than sexy. It’s hard to keep the conversation going after a guy says something that makes us laugh. If he refers to his penis as his “member,” or asks if we’re “moist” instead of wet, we aren’t going to take him seriously. He needs to choose his words carefully.
  9. We’ll steal lines from literature. Sometimes, when we can’t figure out what to say, we’ll steal ideas from our favorite movies and novels. No, we won’t quote 50 Shades of Grey line for line, but we might take a general idea from a book and apply it to the situation.
  10. We genuinely trust the men we sext. If we’re sexting a guy, he should be flattered. Even though he could potentially send his friends pictures of our naked bodies or screenshot our naughty messages, we’re still talking to him. That means we trust him.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.