Sexual Questions To Ask A Guy To Find Out What He’s Like In Bed

Learning what your partner is into in bed can really transform your sexual experience, but people don’t always volunteer this information on their own. If you deep dive into your lover’s pleasure points, turn-offs, kinky fantasies, and what gets them all heated up, you have to be willing to communicate and draw those answers out of them. Whether you’re in a new relationship that’s starting to sizzle or you’ve been undressing each other for a while, here are some sexy questions that can help you get to know your man more intimately.

  1. What are your favorite positions? This is the most basic of the sexual questions to ask a guy but it’s also one of the most important. The sexual styles a guy prefers can reveal a lot about him. If he likes doggy, he’s probably obsessed with butts and likes being able to admire the curve of your body while your world gets rocked. A missionary-loving guy is either a little inexperienced, not much for experimenting in bed, or he likes the intimacy it brings. If you get an answer outside of the standard positions or he says he doesn’t have a favorite, that could mean he’s more daring than the guy next door.
  2. What makes sex great for you? For some guys, they can’t fully enjoy sex unless their partner is having an amazing time filled with lots of pleasure and orgasms. Some need a generous serving of dirty talk and degradation to really get their motor running. Others require copious amounts of foreplay and some loving aftercare before they can write off an intimate session as epic.
  3. How would you rate how much you love giving and receiving oral sex? A guy who rates receiving oral sex very highly, but doesn’t really like or is completely uninterested in reciprocating the act is not someone you want to keep around. He’s going to be a selfish lover who thinks you’re not worthy of certain acts of pleasure and giving it to you would somehow debase or disgust him. But if he loves to give as much or even more than he loves receiving, then it’s time to put him to test.
  4. What’s the naughtiest/kinkiest thing you’ve done in bed? This could really give you a good insight into just how crazy or adventurous he is in bed. You might be surprised by some of the things he’s done and even get some fresh ideas to add to the list of sexy things you want to try together. Just remember the only rule is that there’s no judgment. No matter how “out there” his answers are, you don’t want to make him feel bad for opening up to you. If you want to really turn up the heat, this is one of the best sexual questions to ask a guy.
  5. Do you ever use sex toys during sex? Sex toys can elevate good sex and make great sex even hotter. However, some guys see them as the competition or the enemy and they’re not willing to consider bringing it into the equation. Guys like that are usually repressed and a little selfish. But a guy who doesn’t get intimated by toys and is excited to use them to heighten both your pleasure probably likes to have fun in bed. He’s likely to be more committed to making you come than the average dude.
  6. How do you feel about using lube? A guy who is not very experienced or who is insecure about his masculinity and sexual prowess will probably say stuff like, “It’s fine, but my women don’t need it. I can turn them on all by myself.” Or “I like it all-natural.” But any guy who knows his way around women’s bodies will be all about the lube because he knows it can make sex more fun and pleasurable for both of you.
  7. Are you more submissive or dominant during sex? If he likes to be dominant in bed that could mean he’s a take-charge guy who loves controlling the flow and taking the lead. But if he prefers being submissive that means he likes his lovers in charge. He’s the kind of guy who’s not afraid to let go and have fun during sex. He likes it when you initiate, tell him where to touch, and order him to cum for you.
  8. What’s a kinky fantasy you have? Those secret desires can tell you a lot about who a guy is when his clothes are off and his passion is let loose. From what he fantasizes about, you can figure out just how naughty, adventurous, or vanilla he is. You don’t have to be into his fantasies, but knowing can open you up to new ideas and even help you find a kinky compromise or common ground that you can explore together. This is one of those sexual questions you might ask a guy that he might be scared to answer at first, but his answers can be illuminating.
  9. What’s your go-to move during foreplay? Pay attention to his body language, how long it takes him to answer this question, and how coherent his answer is. If he’s not that big into foreplay, he might not want to come right out and admit it, so he’ll try to make up a routine on the spot. He might also give you a vague answer without any specifics. But a guy who lives for foreplay and genuinely enjoys it will dive into details about all the tricks he loves using to get his partners heated up.
  10. Which parts of your body do you like to have touched or kissed? Everyone’s body is different, so there might be something out of the usual sensitive zones that get him going. Or something in them that he’s really crazy about. Maybe his nipples are really sensitive to touch or he likes having tiny kisses plastered across his back. Armed with this information, you turn up the pleasure volume the next time you get together.
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