This Is How Staying In A Blah Relationship Is Destroying Your Life

It can be tough to call it quits on a relationship, especially if you’re someone who loves being part of a couple and hates being single. But if your relationship is blah and not giving you what you need, you owe it to yourself to get out. Here’s why:

  1. You’re closing off your heart to better options. You’re not allowing yourself to find the right guy if you’re staying with the wrong one. Even if you’re unhappy in your relationship, you probably won’t go looking outside of it (and I’d never recommend you do). Getting out of the relationship will let you open your heart to new possibilities.
  2. If it’s already blah, it probably won’t get better. All relationships have their ups and downs, but if yours is and has been stagnant for a long time, that likely won’t change. Imagine how blah it might be in five years if it’s already stale. If the spark’s not there, you can’t force it.
  3. The relationship will bring you down. Our relationships affect so many other parts of our lives. If we’re happy in our intimate relationships, we’re more likely to be happy at work, with friends, and vice versa. Feeling unfulfilled in your relationship will leave an emptiness in your heart, which will slowly poison the other areas of your life.
  4. You’re wasting your time. The longer you stay in a dissatisfying relationship, the more time you’re wasting. Imagine if you decided to call it quits tomorrow instead of a year from now. That’s an entire year of a happy life you could be living. Regardless of whether or not you met another guy in that year, don’t waste your time on something you know you don’t want.
  5. Your heart is usually right. Women were gifted something wonderful—woman’s intuition. If your heart is questioning the happiness of your relationship, hear it out. In my experience, my heart has never steered me in the wrong direction.
  6. Relationships should be fun. From staying in and snuggling on the couch, to going out together with a group of friends, relationships are meant to be fun and exciting. Sure, not every day is going to be the best but in general, your relationship should be something you have fun within.
  7. You deserve a sparkly relationship. Your intimate relationship should make you feel happy and special. A happy, fulfilling relationship will leave you wanting more and craving that person. You know that sparkly, twinkle-eyed, want to kiss you forever kind of love? It exists and you deserve it.
  8. He’s not the right guy. If you’re questioning whether or not you want to stay with your guy because the relationship is stale, he’s probably not the right guy, and that’s perfectly okay because it means you haven’t met the right one yet. You’ll just have to be patient while you find him.
  9. The right guy is out there. The right guy for you is out there in the world somewhere but you’re going to have to give something up to find him. Don’t let the fear of having no one stop you from being single so you can find that special guy.
  10. You could be devoting your energy anywhere else. How much time do you spend with your significant other? You could be taking all that energy and devoting it to anything else— your job, a hobby, family, friends, traveling, etc. Imagine the girls’ nights, family trips, soul searching or career opportunities you could experience if you weren’t hanging with Mr. Wrong. The time you’re spending in your blah relationship could be spent doing basically anything else that interests you.
  11. Worrying about hurting someone’s feelings is a terrible reason for staying miserable. If you’re worried about hurting his feelings, don’t be. No one wants to be with someone who doesn’t want them back. It’s also very likely he feels the same way as you do since you’re both in the same relationship. He’ll be fine, and he’ll eventually meet someone else. If it makes you feel better, you can silently take responsibility when that happens because you let him go.
  12. Life is short—you have to move on. Tomorrow is never promised, so we have to make the most of today. Sure, it’s unfortunate that you’ve spent time with someone who you finally realize isn’t right for you, but we live and we learn. Move on, don’t dwell on it, and take what you learned into your next relationship.
  13. Your life will be brighter. There’s a weight lifted off your shoulders when you rid yourself of things – and people – not meant for you. You’ll feel lighter and brighter, and we all know that when we feel good, we look fantastic.
Lauren Hamilton is a blogger and a freelance communications strategist and writer. She's the voice behind, where she writes about relationships, personal growth and feminine lifestyles. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and their feisty dog. Follow her on Instagram: