You Shouldn’t Stay In An Unhappy Relationship Just Because You’re Comfortable

Settling into a routine of unhappiness because you’ve gotten comfortable is a recipe for disaster. Sacrificing your happiness because it seems easier than leaving will only continue to enable your relationship rut. If you’re in a dead end relationship and have considered leaving, here are some reasons why you should:

  1. Your well-being is suffering. Sticking around in a relationship when you’re unhappy brings a huge amount of emotional turmoil to your life. Losing sleep wondering what the solution is will continue to bring you down and make you feel hopeless. Letting go of that stress and losing the guilt you’ve been feeling will be a massive weight off your shoulders.
  2. You only have one life. Wasting time feeling sorry for yourself but doing nothing to change it is something you’ll majorly come to regret. Making a change is never easy, but change is what life’s all about. Stepping outside of your comfort zone to find what you really want in life, and a relationship, will reward you big time.
  3. Don’t settle for less than butterflies. If you’re not excited when you see your man, something isn’t right. That’s not to say he’s to blame, or that there’s something wrong with him, but if you aren’t feeling the passion, kindly end it and make your happiness a priority.
  4. Don’t waste more time questioning.If you feel like you’ve already wasted the last number of years, imagine how you’ll feel a year from now. While no relationship is a total waste because of the things you learn, a stagnant one is a loss of happiness that could be found elsewhere.
  5. Being alone is better than being unhappy.As much as you might be afraid to go it alone, staying with a guy who doesn’t make you happy is so much worse. You’ll adjust to life without him, but you’ll never be happy staying in a dead end relationship. Besides, you’ll learn a ton about yourself, and you’ll probably even find out being single can be pretty amazing.
  6. Also, you will find another guy eventually.No matter how much you feel like getting back into the dating world will be a struggle, it’ll work out for you at some point. Instead of limiting yourself to a life of wondering what if, open yourself to the possibilities ahead of you. After all, when one door closes, another one opens.
  7. If you’re not in love, why bother?If you’re more like roommates than anything else, why would you keep investing more energy? Putting yourself first doesn’t make you selfish; you deserve to be head over heels. Not only that, but no matter how good you are at hiding it, if you’re unhappy, the relationship suffers and so does he.
  8. The pain of leaving will go away.Leaving will no doubt be a painful adjustment, but the hurt will be temporary compared to the lingering pain of staying. Going through a bit of temporary discomfort to choose happiness will be the best gift you’ve given yourself so far.