Signs A Shy Guy Secretly Likes You But Doesn’t Have The Nerve To Tell You

Even if you think you can tell when a guy likes you, a lot of what you think tends to go out the window when dealing with a guy who is unusually shy. That’s because they tend to operate a little differently from the majority of guys in that they’re less willing (or simply unable) to share their feelings and make it obvious that they’re into you. I know it’s frustrating, but they don’t do it on purpose, I promise. However, that does mean you’ll need to be on the lookout for the signs that a shy guy likes you if you think you might reciprocate those feelings.

  1. He stays on the perimeter of your friend circle. A guy who’s shy and a little unsure of himself will always look for ways to be around the woman he likes. Sometimes that means tagging along or just making sure he’s part of your circle of friends. Obviously, he wants to make a move, but he’s also content to just be in your presence as often as possible.
  2. He’s always really nervous around you. Shy or not, nervousness is usually a good indicator that a guy likes you. However, it’s an even bigger sign with a guy who is shy and reserved. Guys like us are even less confident than the average guy, so that nervousness tends to manifest even more.
  3. He steals glances your way. It may be hard to catch him in the act, but a shy guy who likes you will always try to steal little glances at you as often as possible. Most of us are a careful about doing this so that we don’t make it obvious or come off as creepy (we hope), but we will look over at you with the hope that you’re also looking our way.
  4. He engages in Mirroring behavior. When he’s looking your way, he might end up mirroring your movements and hand gestures. It’s not necessarily something that he does on purpose. It’s happening because he’s focused on you and wants to learn as much about you as possible, which includes how you hold yourself and your body language.
  5. He’s quiet around you. As you might expect, a shy guy isn’t going to spend all night chatting you up. He’s probably not used to opening up in general, and being around someone he likes will make him recede into his shell even more. I should mention this isn’t a guarantee that he likes you, but you ladies should always be cognizant of the quiet guy in a room who seems like he’s too nervous to talk to you.
  6. He prefers to text or email. As mentioned, a shy guy who likes you will probably be too nervous to talk a lot in person. But if he’s behind a screen and doesn’t have to worry about getting nervous in front of you, he’ll become more talkative. Shy people are just inherently more comfortable interacting this way. Also, it doesn’t mean he’ll be immediately comfortable the next time you see him in person, but it’s a start.
  7. He offers little gestures. The shy types aren’t one for big romantic gestures, but we will do little things to let you know that we like you. It could be bringing you a little snack or a drink or just being courteous in some way. There are a ton of little things that a shy guy might do for you and only you just because he likes you.
  8. He pays attention when you speak. Perhaps he remembers little details about you. Perhaps you can tell that he’s actually listening to you. In general, shy guys tend to make better listeners. We aren’t that interested in talking, so instead of thinking about what to say next, we’re fixated on what you’re saying. Hopefully, you can tell when a guy is actually listening to you and when he’s just faking it.
  9. He asks a lot of questions. Unfortunately, shy guys can get a little overboard with our questioning. It might feel like an inquisition after a while. Just remember that we don’t like doing a lot of talking ourselves, so we ask questions instead so that you can do most of the talking. Just keep in mind that this is his way of trying to get to know you without overtly letting you know that he’s interested.
  10. He always agrees with you. Admittedly, one of the flaws with shy guys is we’re afraid to disagree with you. We want to convince you that we have things in common and want to get into your good graces. Remember, shy guys aren’t overly confident, so we try too hard to get you to like us back by agreeing with you on everything. Hopefully you can get him out of that habit and let him know it’s okay to be himself.
  11. He offers to help you. In fairness, a lot of guys might do this, but a shy guy will be more likely to offer you his help. It could be something big or small, but he wants to help you because he cares. He also wants a reason to be around you, so if you mention you need assistance with something, he’ll volunteer his services.
  12. He gets weird when you bring up other guys. Unfortunately, I can’t exactly define “weird,” but since you don’t always know that a shy guy likes you, it’s hard for him to be jealous when you’re around other guys or talk about other guys. He’ll inherently feel like the underdog, so he can’t tell you that you should be with him and not someone else. However, his behavior or demeanor will change a little if thinks you’re interested in other guys because his feelings will be hurt.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.