How Do I Know If My Boyfriend Is Being Unfaithful? 13 Signs He’s Cheating

If you have to ask if someone’s cheating, that means something’s wrong. It’s not always easy to know if someone’s being unfaithful, but there are signs. Is he keeping his phone hidden? Is he overly affectionate? I’m not saying you should dump him on the spot, but you should confront him. Ignorance isn’t bliss, so these 13 things sound familiar, speak up.

  1. He’s Acting Brand New. He never used to work out and now he’s obsessed with SoulCycle? Seems suspicious. Having new interests might not be a clear sign of cheating, but it’s not something you should ignore, especially if his new interests come out of nowhere. Is he suddenly taking painting classes and attending open mic nights? He might be trying to impress someone new…or trying to find someone new.
  2. He’s Avoiding Sex. He’s not interested. He barely looks at you, let alone touches you. Obviously, something’s up. Sex and intimacy are linked. If he’s not sleeping with you it’s because he doesn’t feel emotionally connected anymore. And while that might not mean he’s cheating right now, he probably will soon.
  3. He’s Over-Sharing. Instead of saying he went out with friends, he tells you exactly where he went, what time he arrived, and what he had to drink. He’s over-sharing because he’s trying to cover his tracks. He doesn’t want you to think he’s lying (even though he is), so he gives a ton of detail. Don’t be fooled!
  4. He’s Got Expensive Taste. He’s not just spending money on video games and beer. He’s spending his money on new shoes, fresh haircuts, and expensive moisturizers. Umm, what? It’s like he’s become a different person who suddenly cares about his appearance. Could it be due to someone new in his life? Most likely, yes.
  5. He’s Disappearing Out Of Nowhere. You guys have been together for years and now, he’s suddenly going MIA. He goes hours without responding to your texts, claiming it’s because his phone “died.” How many times can someone’s phone really die? Not that many!
  6. He’s Very Interested In Your Life. He wants to know your entire schedule, but that’s not because he’s interested. He wants to plan his “extra-curricular activities” without running into you. Get it? Don’t mistake his interest as genuine, he’s being shady.
  7. He’s Easily Annoyed. Is your partner annoyed with pretty much everything you do lately? That’s not a good sign, especially if your behavior hasn’t changed at all. He might be looking for a way out, so he can date his new lover. But since he doesn’t have the balls to leave himself, he’s picking fights and making you unhappy, so you’ll end the relationship.
  8. He’s Overly Complimentary. Maybe he was always romantic, but now he’s Ryan Gosling in The Notebook romantic. He showers you with affection and makes you feel more loved than you ever did before. We’re not trying to rain on your parade, but random bursts of affection is a huge sign of cheating. He’s trying to ease his guilt by making you happy.
  9. He’s Always “Working.” Is he a fireman? A police officer? Someone with an ever-changing schedule? If so, it makes sense his hours are always changing, but not for someone who works a normal 9-5. Financial advisors and account executives don’t have random meetings at 10 pm on a Wednesday.
  10. He’s Constantly Horny. Increased sexual appetite isn’t always a good thing. It could mean he’s having SO much sex his testosterone is at an all-time high. Does he want it all day every day, even though your sex life hasn’t changed a bit? Hmmm. Sure, it’s suspicious when a guy avoids sex, but it’s equally suspicious when they want it all the time.
  11. He’s Acting Weird In Private. He seems nervous for no reason at all. He’s constantly playing with his hands or looking over his shoulder as if he’s being stalked. Whenever you ask him about it, he makes up some BS excuse about being stressed. You can tell something’s wrong, you just don’t know exactly what. Spoiler Alert: He’s cheating.
  12. He’s On His Phone More Than Usual. Everyone’s on their phone too much, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s cheating. Unless, of course, they’re suddenly on their phone all the time. Is he constantly “texting friends” late at night? That’s a red flag. If you feel his attention has started to drift from you, that probably means he’s cheating.
  13. He’s Kind Of Obvious. You’ve found evidence of infidelity. Whether it was a sexy message or lipstick on his shirt. You’ve seen enough “data” to be able to connect the dots — you’re just ignoring your gut. Instead of showing your hand, you’re pretending everything is fine. You’d rather do that than confront him. But remember, cheating doesn’t have to end a relationship but it does need to be discussed. Ignoring the truth won’t help anything.
Jordan White is a writer based in Scottsdale, Arizona with more than 8 years of experience. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Rhetoric and Creative Writing in 2015 and while there, she wrote for The Daily Wildcat. She has since written for sites including FanBread, and, of course, Bolde. You can find about more her on Facebook. She has a passion for giving her audience something to laugh about and despises the heat more than anything.