12 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Trustworthy, According To A Guy

12 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Trustworthy, According To A Guy ©iStock

As we all know, trust is everything in a committed relationship. However, as you also probably know from first-hand experience, guys aren’t always trustworthy people. As a guy, there’s nothing I hate more than a few bad apples ruining it for the rest of us. That’s why I’m going to share with you ladies some signs to look out for that tell you that your boyfriend is one of the good ones who won’t let you down.

  1. He welcomes questions. A guy you can trust is one who has no problem answering any and all of your questions. He won’t try to duck certain questions or accuse you of asking too many to distract. If a guy just goes with the flow and is willing to answer all of your questions without hassle, he’s probably someone you can trust.
  2. He embraces your family and friends. If a relationship is going to work long-term, your boyfriend will probably need to get along with your family and friends. If spending time with them bothers him, it could be that he has something to hide, but if a guy is completely comfortable hanging out with your friends and family, he’s either a trustworthy guy or a great actor.
  3. He doesn’t get flustered. To be fair, some guys get flustered easily; that’s just part of their personality. But if a guy is always calm and collected, it usually means he’s comfortable around you. It shows that he’s just being himself and has nothing to hide from you. That’s the kind of guy you can trust, as opposed to one who’s always getting defensive.
  4. He shares his feelings. As you probably know, most guys aren’t exactly forthright when it comes to sharing their feelings. However, if he does share how he’s feeling with you, it’s a safe bet that he means what he says. If a guy shares how he feels completely unprompted, it’s usually a sign that he’s an honest and trustworthy person.
  5. He’s upfront but not insulting about his exes. Honestly, I’m not sure how much women want to hear about their boyfriend’s exes but I know there’s something off about a guy who tries to convince you that all of the women in his past are crazy. If a guy is trustworthy, he’ll answer any questions you have about his past relationships but he’ll also do so without being mean. If he insists he did nothing wrong in past relationships, he’s probably dishonest and not someone you can trust.
  6. He pays attention to small details. Most of the time, trustworthy guys and good listeners are synonymous with one another. If a guy absorbs all of the little details about you, he’s usually someone you can trust. If he always remembers your co-worker’s names, how you like your coffee, and what foods upset your stomach, you can feel good about trusting him.
  7. His phone is never hidden. Yes, people deserve privacy when it comes to their phones. But there’s a fine line between having privacy and keeping someone from your phone. If he goes out of his way to hide his phone, it probably means he’s hiding something from you. Needless to say, that’s the behavior of someone you can’t trust.
  8. Your relationship is public knowledge. Do you really think you can trust a guy who won’t acknowledge your relationship? If he doesn’t want to update his relationship status on social media, something is probably up. A trustworthy guy won’t have any problem with this. He will also be cool introducing you to his family and friends without being forced to do so.
  9. He respects boundaries. Good partners will push each other, sure, but they won’t force the other person out of their comfort zone. A guy you can trust won’t force you to do something you’re not comfortable doing. It could be in life, career, or in the bedroom, but a trustworthy guy will always respect any boundaries you set.
  10. He shares secrets. In life, the people you can trust are the people who trust others. If a guy trusts you enough to share secrets or confide in you, you should feel comfortable reciprocating. Just make sure he shares a secret with you unprompted. If you badger him to open up, he might just make up a secret to appease you. Obviously, that’s the kind of guy you can’t trust.
  11. He keeps his friends close. Meanwhile, his enemies will be far away. Most guys that are truly trustworthy tend to hang out in a small, tight group of friends. They got that way because deep down they trust each other. If his close friends seem to trust him, you can probably let your guard down and trust him as well.
  12. He trusts you. Trust is always a two-way street. In a relationship, both partners have to earn the trust of the other person. If you can tell that a guy trusts you, it’s OK to reciprocate. Just like you want assurance that you can rely on a guy, you should show your boyfriends signs that you trust him as well.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.