10 Signs You’re Falling In Love And Just Don’t Realize It Yet

If you’ve never been in love before or you aren’t sure if your current relationship has reached that level yet, here are some indications that you may, in fact, be falling in love with the person you’re dating.

They’re the first person you want to tell about any good or bad news. The first sign that I was in love with my partner was when I got into trouble and he was the first person I wanted to talk to about it—more than even my best friend at the time. You might be in love if you want to tell them everything and you feel comfortable doing it. It means you have complete trust in them, which is a big clue that you care a lot.

You think about them all the time. For example, you always think about what their reaction would be if they were with you, and you constantly remind yourself about things you want to tell them later when you talk to them. You might also bring them up in conversation a lot. It means they’ve become very important to you, and these are all hints that you may be falling in love.

You want to share literally everything with them. You want to share all types of experiences and firsts with them, from your first time traveling somewhere to your first time trying something new in the bedroom. You want to talk about the future and share your hopes and dreams. When you’re in love, you want to share the simple things too like eating dinner and watching TV together.

They give you butterflies even if you’ve been dating a while. If you’re always really happy to see them and they still give you that nervous feeling, you might be in love with them. People who are in love usually don’t get bored or annoyed at seeing one another, so if they make you feel excited like no one else does, you’re probably crazy about them.

You get a little jealous when you’ve never been that way before. You might be irritated when someone flirts with your significant other or when your partner gives attention to someone else who’s attractive. If you were never the jealous type before and these things wouldn’t have normally bothered you, you might be in love because you want that person all to yourself, sometimes irrationally.

Their flaws are actually endearing to you. If you think it’s cute when they snore and love their physical imperfections, for example, you truly care about them because you’re able to see past the superficial things that don’t matter. If you admire and embrace absolutely everything about your partner, you might be head over heels.

They can comfort you like no one else can. You find yourself wanting your partner’s support over anyone else’s. Or, your partner might be the only person that is able to calm you down in a stressful situation. If your significant other is your safe place and your rock and you can’t imagine anyone else playing that role in your life, then you might be in love even if you haven’t realized it yet.

You do things to make them happy even if it’s not your favorite. For example, you make their favorite meal even if you don’t really like it. Maybe you go to a car show with them when you have zero interest in cars just so they can enjoy it. If you like putting their needs before yours, you’re probably falling for them.

Approval from your loved ones means more than it ever has. You want your friends and family to like your significant other as much as you do. You’re nervous to introduce your partner to them but you’re also excited because you can’t wait to see what they think. If their opinions have never meant as much in the past as they do now, and if you really want those closest to you to love your partner, then you might be in love the person you’re dating.

You always envision your future with them in it. Whenever you picture what your future looks like, it always accommodates your partner in some way because you want that person to be around in the long-term. You think about what you will do together in life and you might even be considering having a family with your partner when it’s not something you’ve thought a lot about before. These are all clues that you’re in love and maybe you just haven’t admitted it yet.

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