These Are the Signs All Girls Ignore When They’re About to Get Dumped

Sorry, ladies, but there’s no such thing as a surprise breakup. In the weeks or months leading up to a guy ending things, he’ll pull a few of these moves that are glaring signs that things are over. Decoding the behavior of a guy who’s fed up with the situation is easy if you pay attention to these signs that you’re about to get dumped:

  1. Communication goes from regular to nearly non-existent. You went from talking 10 times per day to barely hearing a peep from him. A guy who’s having doubts and thinking about ending things will switch up his communication style. All of a sudden, he won’t have much to say to you and you’ll realize that talking to him is the equivalent to talking to a stone wall.
  2. Suddenly, talk about the future is a no-go. Before, talking about the future was his favorite thing to do and you were always at the center of his plans. Now that he’s making plans to dump you, he doesn’t want to make concrete plans three months in advance. If you keep trying to lock down your vacation itinerary but he doesn’t seem too eager to put the deposit down on a trip, it could be a sign that he doesn’t see your relationship lasting too much longer.
  3. Everything is left up to you to initiate and decide. You know the difference between a guy who’s interested and one who’s not. A guy who’s 100% committed to your relationship will plan dates, initiate contact, and make plans to see you when he’s free. But the guy who’s falling out of love will fall off the face of the Earth. Suddenly, your weekly Friday Netflix nights don’t happen unless you ask him to come over. A guy who’s about to dump you will wean himself off of the relationship by decreasing the amount of time the two of you spend together.
  4. You’ve stopped having sex. One of the first things to leave the building when a guy’s about to dump you is sex. Your once active sex life will become dryer than the Sahara. If affection is gone and the two of you are longer being intimate, it’s a huge warning sign that he’ll be dumping you pretty soon.
  5. Every time you call him, it goes straight to voicemail. You can’t expect a guy to be available to you at all hours of the day. However, if he never has the time to answer your calls anymore, this is a big red flag. A few days of no communication isn’t such a big deal but if those days turn into weeks, it’s all over for the two of you.
  6. He starts fights over stupid stuff. In the beginning, your quirks made him smile but now that he’s on his way out of the relationship, he acts like he can’t stand you. If he starts picking fights about the dumbest, most mundane things, he could be acting out because he’s tired of you and the relationship. The end is near. You’ve been warned.
  7. You disappear from his social media accounts. In the past, you were always his #WCW, and he couldn’t wait to share pictures of the two of you on his social media accounts. But with a breakup looming in the near future, he’ll try to scrub all traces of you from his pages. Your pictures may “accidentally” get deleted, and his status might change to “in a relationship” to “single” with no explanation at all. No, it’s not a glitch with the Facebook app. It’s just one of the many signs that you’re about to get dumped.
  8. He always has an excuse at the ready. It doesn’t matter if he agreed to be your plus one to your cousin’s wedding four months in advance. If he’s thinking about dumping you, he’ll suddenly have an excuse why he can’t accompany you. If a guy feels your relationship is over but just can’t find the courage to tell you how he feels, he’ll try his hardest to put some distance between the two of you. He’ll start by finding reasons why he can’t spend time with you up until he runs out of excuses.
  9. He goes out more and you’re not invited. His occasional guys’ nights out turn into weekly trips to bars and nightclubs with his friends. He’s trying to get a head start on living the single life, and he might even be exploring his options.
  10. His friends are acting weird. Before a guy dumps you, he’ll probably have numerous conversations with his bros about the status of his relationship. Some of his friends may try to talk him out of dumping you while others will gladly welcome him back into the single life with open arms. These friends will try their hardest to play it cool whenever you’re around, but they’ll probably act a little bit strange when they’re forced to interact with you. They know your relationship is hanging by a thread and they probably feel bad that you’re about to get dumped. So if his friends can’t look you in the eye when they talk to you, or they don’t have much to say to you at all, get ready because you’re about to get dumped.
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