10 Subtle Signs A Guy Would Make A Good Father

If having children is high on your list of priorities, then making sure that the man you’re dating wants the same thing as you do is essential. You don’t want to plan to have children with someone, only to find out years down the line that he doesn’t feel the same way. Here are a few signs that not only does he want to be a father, but he’d make a damn good one.

  1. He said he’s always wanted kids someday. Men are usually quite open about their feelings about having kids right from the first few dates. The older they are, the more likely they will make it clear if they plan on starting a family anytime soon. So if it’s really important to you, make sure you ask pretty early on to find out where he stands. If he tells you without any prompting that he wants to be a dad, that’s a really good sign that this is something he is ready and prepared for.
  2. He had a good relationship with his youngest family members. Notice how he reacts around his younger cousins or nieces/nephews if he has any as this is usually a good indication of whether he’ll make a good father. If he’s attentive and makes an effort to interact with them, then he’s more likely to have natural parental instincts. This is key if you’re considering having kids with him one day.
  3. He doesn’t raise his voice often during arguments. The last thing you want is to have children with someone who often loses his temper or shouts you down during discussions. You need to feel safe and comfortable around with him before you start having conversations about having children of your own. If he is gentle, understanding, and patient with you even when you have disagreements and bad spells, then those are all really encouraging signs that he’ll make a good father.
  4. He’s good at problem-solving. Does he always seem to have the solution to any problems that come up? Is he good at using his initiative and fixing things without you needing to ask? These are promising signs that he’ll be good at dealing with problems as a parent without you needing to intervene all of the time.
  5. He can envision you parenting together. Obviously, it’s always a good sign if he’s talking about how he wants to start a family with you and not just in general. Listen to the way he talks about future plans with you and take note of his facial expressions. Does he light up when he talks about it? Does he seem excited to you? That’s really encouraging as it means he’s thought about it thoroughly and he knows for sure that he wants a family with you.
  6. He’s not easily embarrassed. Being a parent involves being puked on, poo explosions, dealing with tantrums in public – you name it, that’s what you’ll get. Being a father isn’t for everyone, especially the faint-hearted. However, if he isn’t squeamish, enjoys singing, and he’s happy to get in touch with his inner child, then it’s highly likely that he’ll make a good parent.
  7. He’s comfortable talking about his emotions. You should always avoid a man who refuses to talk about his feelings anyway, but it’s very important if you’re thinking about having children with him. It’s not enough to just assume how he feels – he needs to be open with you. If he opens up to you about problems he’s having at work or he often reminds you of how much he loves you, then he’s not going to have any issues with expressing himself.
  8. He doesn’t require your attention all the time. It’s one thing wanting to make the most of your time together, but it’s another thing if he asks for attention even when you’re busy or spending time with others. When you have a baby together, a lot of that time and energy will go into looking after and caring for the child. If he’s content at not being the center of your attention all of the time, then that’s a good sign.
  9. He knows how to look after himself. The last thing you want is to be a mother to two children, one of them being your partner. If he knows how to do basic life skills like cook, clean, and do the laundry, then he’ll likely be able to stand on his own two feet. That’s important when raising a child together because you can’t be expected to do everything. First and foremost, he needs to be able to take care of himself.
  10. He helps out when you need him most. When you’re ill and struggling to get the chores done and look after yourself, notice how he handles the situation. Is he offering to help out with cleaning the house? Is he offering to bring you food? The father of your child should be good in situations like these. Even when he’s busy, he should be able to make time to help out. That speaks volumes about the kind of person he is and if he would be a good, caring parent.
Coralle is a freelance writer with an interest in relationships, women's health and parenting. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching new Netflix shows and spending time with family.