Signs That The Guy You Think Is Amazing Is Actually A Nightmare

You may think it’s easy to tell the difference between a good boyfriend and a crappy one, but you’d be surprised by the different ways a guy can mask who he really is and what his true intentions are. If you’re wondering if your relationship is headed in the right direction with a guy who seems to have everything you’ve ever wanted in a partner, don’t be so quick to call him the love of your life. If he does any of these 12 things, your dream lover might actually be a nightmare:

  1. He’s Emotionally Cold. A boyfriend who’s unable to open up about how he feels for you is only going to waste your time. A year from now, he’s likely to see be just as emotionally unavailable and cold as he was when the two of you just met. This doesn’t mean he’s undeserving of love, it just means he’s probably not the right fit for you. A guy will open up when he’s good and ready, but you may or may not be the one he chooses to let his wall down with. Your best bet is to cut your losses.
  2. He Dismisses Your Feelings. A good boyfriend who respects you and your feelings will also provide an ear to listen to you moan about your life and a shoulder for you to cry on when things are tough. If you notice that he brushes off your feelings whenever you try to have a deep discussion with him, he’s definitely not the one for you.
  3. He’s Hot and Cold. Consistency is one of the major keys to a successful relationship. If he’s moody one day and all over you the next, it’s time that you wake up from this nightmare. If you can’t tell whether he loves you or hates you from one day to the next, he has some deeper issues going on that you’ll never be able to help him with. Blowing hot and cold is not only confusing, but it can really start to mess with your self-esteem too. Get out now.
  4. You’re Always Finding Out Something New. You shouldn’t expect to know absolutely everything about the guy you’re dating, but unexpected tidbits of information can be a bad thing. If you find out a few months in that his “best friend” is actually his ex-girlfriend or you discover he lied about his job, education, or about anything from his past, you have to wonder what else he’s keeping from you. Don’t way years from now for him to drop a bombshell on you. End this nightmare ASAP!
  5. He lets His Friends Treat You Like Crap. When you hang out with his friends, do you feel like you have a bullseye right in the middle of your forehead? If he doesn’t even bother sticking up for you when they treat you like dirt and instead he laughs as his friends make jokes at your expense, this guy definitely doesn’t give a crap about you. The love of your life would never treat you this way.
  6. He Never Apologizes. He doesn’t say “I’m sorry” because, in his mind, he’s perfect! Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with someone who can’t even recognize their own faults? If his ego’s bigger than the state of Texas and he’s never apologetic for anything he says or does, get out now!
  7. He’s Still Really Close to His “Crazy” Ex. First of all, if he tells you he broke up with his ex because she was “crazy,” that’s your first red flag. If he still communicates with said crazy ex, though, WTF? Crazy people gravitate towards other crazy people, so let those two nutcases drive off into the sunset together. There’s a reason why he’s keeping in touch with her, and it’s probably because she still holds the key to his heart.
  8. You’re Not His Priority. If he blows off your date to hang out with his friends once or twice, cut him some slack. If this turns into a common occurrence, you’re not his girlfriend — you’re just a girl he sees when it’s convenient for him. You’ll never be #1 in his life because he’ll never make you a priority.
  9. He Laughs at Your Dreams. No matter how wacky your dreams are, they’re something you’re passionate about and you deserve encouragement. If he laughs at the things that are important to you, he’s not your supporter, he’s a critic. It’s hard enough trying to bring your dreams to fruition, and anyone who speaks negatively about your aspirations will only hold you back from achieving success.
  10. He Always Disagrees With You. No one can stand a know-it-all, especially when it comes to a romantic partner. Some people love to disagree just to hear the sound of their own voice. They’ll battle and debate with you on every single subject. If he always challenges everything you say, sign him up for a debate club and then sign off on this relationship entirely.
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