9 Signs He Sees You As An Unforgettable Woman

Experiencing one lame guy too many will have you thinking something real isn’t in the cards for you anymore. How do you know if a guy is sincere about liking you once a potentially good one comes along? Here are 9 ways you can tell Mr. Finally is the final destination on your love search journey.

He contacts you first.

Whatever his true intentions are if he reaches out it’s because you were on his mind. Men are naturally wired to be the ones to pursue, but sometimes shyness and uncertainty can get in the way. If he initiates contact, he either is confident enough to talk to someone he’s interested in, or he mustered the bravery to shoot his shot. Either way, he wants to talk to you, which is a good sign.

He rearranges his plans for you.

Some guys are stuck in their routines. An Aries or Scorpio male is likely to maintain a rigid gym routine. A Sagittarian could be off on some type of adventure. A Capricorn man is hard at work or some side hustle. A Leo is busy being the life of some party or social scene. A male Taurean is either at his desk job, tending to family needs, or being a homebody. If these guys naturally run into you somewhere they’re already used to being, that’s one thing, but if they start making extra plans outside of the normal day-to-day, they are putting in an effort to incorporate you into their lives and want to be around you.

He smiles when he’s talking to you.

Body language often says more than words do. He may try to play it cool with what he says, but if he’s into you his face will show it. You may catch him staring at you a little longer than most would, but it’s definitely a good thing if he stays smiling when he talks to you. If you’re someone who brings peace and laughter to his day, he’s not going to want to lose you. Work, bills, and life, in general, can be tough and he’s not going to forget the girl who is a welcome break from it all.

His feet face you.

This is also another key form of body language to keep in mind. Apparently, people tend to keep their feet pointed in the direction of where they want to go. If you notice his body and feet positioned your way, then he’s not trying to go anywhere when you’re in his presence. Hopefully, if he’s who you want, too, then he doesn’t want to go anywhere forever.

He listens with no limits.

Most guys lean more toward being a doer than a talker. A love for gossip and chatting is more of a female trait. If he’s willing to listen to you ramble for hours, this is a sign that he likes talking to you specifically. The sound of your voice and knowing more about you is pleasant to him. That or he just wants to be around you any way possible, so he’ll deal with being uncomfortable while you go on and on just to stay in your company.

He opens up to you.

Most men aren’t taught to be vulnerable with their emotions. Boys are told to deal with it or suck it up, so they just learn to stuff things in. He may be uncomfortable talking about his feelings or just not used to it in general. If he begins to share personal things with you, he feels comfortable with you. Most people can’t be trusted, so if he trusts you he will think of you when he needs someone to lean on. If he can depend on you, he will want to keep you and grow closer.

He brings you around people he cares about.

Men are more likely to have a smaller circle than women do. Since women are the more social beings, we tend to collect all types of acquaintances and cordial connections. Men stick to family and their “buddies.” They may only have one or two guys they really share with the most. Since guys usually maintain long-term friendships with the same crew, the men close to them know them well. That means they can tell you embarrassing stories about him or expose him if he’s dishonest. It also means he is adding you to a constant part of his life if he brings you around them. If he’s not serious with you, it would be easier to keep you away from people who are going to hold him accountable and ask about you if you stop coming around.

He does things with you he normally wouldn’t do.

If he’s willing to wear matching outfits and pose for photos or try a paint and sip class with you, it’s safe to safe he regards you highly. Most guys aren’t going to stray away from gaming and macho activities to do traditional couple activities unless he wants to impress you and make you happy. He probably wouldn’t want to admit he has a soft side to a casual fling. A keeper is going to break him out of his shell.

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