10 Signs He Still Has Feelings For His Ex

It’s really hard to be in a relationship with a guy when he’s fresh off a big breakup. No matter what, you’ll feel like he’s comparing you to another woman. If you’re wondering whether or not this relationship was built to last, here are some signs he really might not be over her.

They still text.

One or two texts every once in a while is totally normal, but they text at around the same frequency they used to. If he got a promotion at work, she knows about it the day-of. Even if he’s confident in telling you it’s nothing to worry about or that they’re “just friends,” you have reason to worry. He’s preserving this relationship for a reason.

He’s not removing her photos on his social media.

Again, it’s normal to keep one or two on there. She was a part of his life and his “timeline” after all, and if things didn’t end in a bitter battle, it makes sense that he’d want to hold onto the good memories. But if she’s in every other photo, it’s time to worry. That indicates she was more or less his entire life.

Meanwhile, you’re non-existent on his timeline.

It’s almost like he virtually doesn’t want to acknowledge that you’re part of his life now. Every guy has different habits when it comes to social media, but if his ex was prominently featured and you’re nowhere to be seen after some time of dating, it’s a huge red flag.

His parents aren’t warming up to you.

In their eyes, his ex was “The One.” It’s very telling to see how his parents treat you and whether or not they offer the same hospitality. You might even hear them talk about your guy’s ex on occasion, which, for the record, is very rude. Never forget how influential parents can be.

Even if it’s negative, he talks about her all the time.

When he says things like, “It’s nice that you cook, Katie never cooked,” it may sound like a compliment. In reality, it’s actually just a way for him to process the fact that they’re no longer together. By saying this stuff out loud, he’s working through some emotions. If you feel like you’re just constantly being compared with her, you’ll end up somewhat resentful.

They still share a Netflix account.

When you’re no longer together, you split up accounts — yes, even the minor ones like Netflix. If her name and icon still come up every time you want to marathon Gilmore Girls, your guy clearly thinks they might get back together someday.

He calls you by her name.

This is super embarrassing, but a really big sign. Even if he apologizes and catches himself, it shows that she’s on his mind and is still mentally filling the role of “girlfriend.” This one’s not something to break up with him over. That is unless it happens all the time.

It’s almost like he skipped over the honeymoon period with you.

The honeymoon period is, by far, the best part of any relationship. You still have the jitters over making it official with your crush and your sex life has literally never been better. It’s like you can’t get enough of each other. If that didn’t happen, it’s because he’s not excited to be with you. Seriously — you need to find someone who can’t believe they have the chance to be your boyfriend.

He bought her an engagement ring.

If he was planning on proposing at any point, it’s safe to say he’ll take some time to move on. Engagement rings are expensive, so in buying one, it’s clear that he really did imagine the rest of his life with this woman. That’s a lot to take in and requires plenty of time to heal. Even if they ended based on something awful taking place, in his eyes, she was still his “forever.”

You’ve caught him checking out her Facebook page more than once.

Everyone’s curious about what their ex is up to, but if he’s left her profile up before or you happen to notice he’s searched for it a few times, you have reason to worry. Even if he’s just looking up old photos, he’s obviously not over the fact that they’re no longer together.

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